Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where Have Our Contact Buttons Gone?

When accessing Greta's Genealogy Bog today I first noticed that it took one to two minutes for the page to load. Then when I went to the "Layout" page only the top section would appear; it took another minute or two for that to load.

I googled various word combinations having to do with blog problems and finally found some advice to check Activity under Window. That revealed that the problem involved the Contact Button. It was then that I noticed that my blog no longer showed the Contact Button. I visited several blogs that I remembered having these buttons, and none of them appeared to have it any longer, either.

What's up?

Update: Today (Monday) the Contact Button seems to be working and the blog seems to load OK. Not sure what happened. Some type of Blogger maintenance maybe?


  1. Can't imagine what's wrong! Greta, thanks so much for reading my post about my grandfather and his sisters. Means a lot when you leave your kind comments!

  2. Like the times our "followers" disappear!

  3. I like the change to a Bog from a Blog. Sounds like the software may just be blogged down.


  4. I've seen all kinds of glitches on blogger over the years. Be very happy that your button returned on it's own!