Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thanks to Tracy for an Act of Genealogical Kindness

My heartfelt thanks to Tracy of The Pieces of My Past, as well as her friend and her friend's aunt, for their very generous Act of Genealogical Kindness. Tracy recognized the Tarrant name from a recent post on my brickwall ancestor Emily Tarrant Moore; a friend by that name has an aunt who has researched the family. Tracy asked the friend if her aunt would mind sharing the part of her research that dealt with the family. The aunt agreed, and I now have some material to start (and the inspiration to start) piecing together the family lines of the Greenville Tarrants.


  1. Greta, it has been my absolute pleasure. I only hope what my friend had will help you.

    This situation is exactly the reason why people should write a blog AND why we should read other blogs: to help get that information out there. Who knows what someone may have hidden in the dark recesses of a closet or attic?

  2. Absolutely spot on - it's so amazing to see what is accomplished through this kind of cooperation!