Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 4 of the GeneaBloggers Games

Wrote a biographical sketch of my great-great grandmother Emily Tarrant Moore (Task D for Event 5) (has been preposted and will appear tomorrow)

Added 2 new source citations

(Not much accomplished today. Came home from work to find that plowing had deposited heavy, icy snow back in front of our driveway and had covered up the parking place in front of our house so painstakingly dug out by my husband. As a matter of fact, when I came home, neighbors up and down the street were “re-digging out.” The two previous plowing jobs, done by a friend of a neighbor, were much better and more helpful.)


  1. I have today off to try to catch up a bit on the events. I do have a question....how do you prepost? That is one I haven't heard before and was wondering about it when I was looking over the events.

  2. Hi Linda - In the New Post window, click on "Post Options" at the lower left of the text box. It will open up a menu at the bottom, and you will see on the right "Post date and time." Change those figures to the time and day that you want to publish your post, and then, when your post and the scheduled time are filled in to your satisfaction, hit "Publish Post." If you go to the list of posts under "Edit Posts," it should show the post as "scheduled." It will also be in the proper order of publication, that is, if you write and immediately publish any posts after that, the "to be published later" post will still be on top. Also, if you do any further editing and then hit "Safe as Draft" instead of "Publish Post," it will save it as a draft and not have it scheduled for publishing, so you would have to hit "Publish Post" again to have it scheduled again. Hope this helps.