Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Surname Visualization

Once upon a time I tried to use Wordle, but I could not get the image to show up on my blog. I also tried this time around to use Word It Out for the GeneaBloggers Games, but that didn't work either. Apparently I have to do some sort of screen capture thing to get the image, and Daughter #2 did tell me how to do that, but I have decided to do the easy thing: use Image Chef, which gives you the option of saving the image to your desktop. Full disclosure: I have used Image Chef before to make a surname visualization that I posted on this blog. This is a new one, but I do not know whether it counts for the tally.

The figure is supposed to be a star, but to me it looks a bit more like a little guy with shoes on.


  1. Hah! You're right, Joan! I kinda think of it as "my little genealogy guy."

  2. I had the same problem with Wordle, but finally figured it out. You do have to do the screen capture and then paste it into Paint. After I crossed that hurdle it was much easier. I saved as a jpeg and then into Blogger. I will admit to some choice language during the process... Oh if I had only known about Image Chef.

    And they do look like feet!

  3. I first saw it as a star! Thanks for telling me about

  4. Hi Carol, Tracy, and Becky! I'll have to figure out the screen capture thing at some point, but for word visualizations I think I'll stay with Image Chef.