Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Bit About Greta’s Genealogy Bog

Greta’s Genealogy Bog has a statement of purpose at the top left, so I will not duplicate that. Instead, here are a few items about the blog and the kinds of features, links, and information you will see here.

I am not a professional genealogist or even one who has achieved the level of an advanced amateur. As the logo for the blog states, “Obsessed by genealogy since 2005.” In September of this year I will reach my 5th anniversary in genealogy and in August this blog will reach its second anniversary. I would describe my status as that of a keenly interested amateur somewhere around the advanced beginning or beginning intermediate stage. When I do learn something about the research process – new (for me) methods, sources, etc. – I like to share that information, even though it may not come as news to the more advanced researchers.

You will see two tabs at the top of this page entitled “The Texas Team” and “The South Carolina Crew.” These pages contain lists of blogs with Texas or South Carolina connections. Lower down on the left side of this page are various research-related links, including lists for Texas, South Carolina, Alabama, Illinois, and Arkansas. I hope to add to these links during the GeneaBlogger games. I also hope to add a page with a list of families that I am researching; for the time being, it will probably only contain families about whom I have written on this blog, with additional families to be added later.

Regular Features

Memory Monday: I started Memory Monday in January 2009 in fulfillment of a New Year’s genealogy resolution. Ideally, in the course of our genealogy research we should not forget to write down our own memories for future generations, and these posts are my effort to do just that.

Family and Friends Newsletter Friday: This is a newer feature which includes a summary of research I have done during the previous week, a few items on posts of interest on other blogs (not a roundup such as those on Genea-Musings, Apple’s Tree, or Transylvania Dutch, but rather just a few things that I found interesting or amusing), and often an “Off-Topic” part covering areas that interest me: music, language, my cats, gardening, birds, or local events.

Featured Family Friday: This feature is, I admit, mainly “cousin bait.” It does provide some basic information on the families I am researching; the main purpose, however, is to have other people who are researching the same families as I am find this blog through a search on those names and, I hope, get in touch with me. There is a Contact button at the left of this blog, and I invite other researchers and anyone else who wishes to contact me to use it.

Transcription Tuesday: This is also a new feature that I have started in order to chronicle and share my efforts to fulfill another New Year’s genealogy resolution – transcribing various genealogy-related materials that I have acquired.

Follow Friday: An occasional feature - writing about other genealogy blogs - that I really enjoy. It does not appear every Friday, but the Family Newsletter often contains "Follow" features.

Wordless/Wordy Wednesday, Madness Monday, Treasure Chest Thursday: These are a few other GeneaBlogging themes that appear on this blog occasionally rather than regularly. I also participate in carnivals and blogging prompts when possible.

Since I am attempting to take advantage of my participation in the GeneaBloggers Games to improve my research and blogging skills, some of these features may not appear during the next couple of weeks but will be resumed later.

I welcome all comments, either directly on the blog or through the use of the Contact button on the left.


  1. Reading here as I browsing your blogs, I have to comment like Shelley. I also was caught by cousin bait. which would draw me in to see what the bait is this week. When I find out, I should confine a little of it in a box or something and throw it in my post.
    And wanted to say, just love your inventiveness for the days of the week. jo