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Transcription Tuesday: Continuation of Susan Caroline Sisson’s Pension Application

Below is the transcription of the rest of Susan Carolina Sisson’s Confederate Widow’s Application for a Pension. It has very little additional information, though it does indicate that she possesses no property (she may have passed it on to her children). It also indicates that she moved to Coffee County, Alabama in November 1922; perhaps that was the time that daughter Edna moved to Georgia with husband Reuben Mulkey. Susan also indicates that husband William T. Sisson’s initial application for a pension was rejected because he owned too much property at the time to qualify.

[Fourth page]

Post offices Elba, Alabama, R#4.

Years Came here to Coffee County in November, 1922.

Also state when you moved to Alabama Have been here all time.

When and where did your husband enlist in the service of the Confederate States or State of Alabama? Don’t know….Records in Pension office show this.

To what branch of the service did he belong? Pension records show this.

What was his rank? Pvt.

Give number of his Regiment Don’t remember. Letter of his Company ____

Name of his Colonel Don’t remember. Records in Pension office will show.

Name of his Captain …Don’t know this.

Was he wounded? _____ If so, in what battles? Records there show.

State whether he was ever captured no. Where None When___
Or imprisoned No Where None When

And when discharged from prison none.

Where and when did he quit the service of the Confederate States and under what circumstances? Honorably discharged at end of war.

Was he paroled? none. Have you his parole? none.

Was he ever on the pension roll of this State? Yes.

If so, give county in which he drew pension Talladega County, Alabama.

Did he ever draw a pension from any other State? none. If so, give name of State _____ and County _____ and years _____.

Was any application for pension in this State ever made by him and refused? was drooped [sic] on account of having too much property one time. If so, in what county was he then living and what year did this occur Talladega County.

County Don’t know. Year, reason He had too much property at that time.

Give below the schedule of your property:

Real Estate Value

None Acres in None County $ ____
Description of improvements None at all.

[Fifth page]

Household Furniture None.
Hogs None.
Horses and Mules None.
Cattle None.
Sheep None.
Goats None.
Watches and Clocks None.
Jewelry None.
Paintings None.
Libraries None.
Pianos and Organs None.
Shares of Bank Stock None
Shares of Stock in Companies or Corporations None.
Investments in Bonds None.
Mortgages None.
Money in Bank None.
Money elsewhere None.
Merchandise None.
Other property or Investments None.


What is your yearly income from rents, interest or other investments? None.

The above statements are true and correct.

Signed this 9th day of April, 1923.

(Signed) Susan Caroline Sisson + her mark

State of Alabama,
Coffee County.

Personally appeared before me ___ a ____ in and for said County Coffee, whose name is signed to the foregoing statement and who is known to me, who being by me first duly sworn, deposes and says that the answers made to the foregoing questions are true and correct to the best of her knowledge and belief.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 9th day of April, 1923.

J. M. Stokes
J. of P.

[Sixth page]

Tax Assessor’s Certificate

D. C. Marley, Tax Assessor for Coffee County, hereby certify that the assessed value of property real and personal, as shown by assessment book of year 1923 assessed to Susan Caroline Sisson amounts to None.

Witness my hand this 9th day of April, 1923.

D. C. Marley
Tax Assessor Coffee County

[File card]

Order Number _____

Widows Blank for Reclassification under Section 11, as amended by acts of legislature approved October 5th, 1920

Application of
Susan Caroline Sisson

Widow of
Wm. T. Sisson

State of Alabama,
Coffee County

Filed in the office of the Probate, Judge this 11th day of April 1923.

Filed in office of Commission this ___ day of ____ 192_.
J. A. Carcely
Judge of Probate

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