Friday, February 5, 2010

Family and Friends Newsletter Friday 5 February 2010

Have returned from trip. Back to research and blogging!



Back to work on the Sudie Norman family.

What do you in your genealogy program do when a divorced couple has remarried? I cannot find an option for this on Reunion so I just put it in the “Memo” field next to the first marriage. (This must be “Genealogy Program Marriage Entry Workaround Week” – see Geder.Genealogy and Elyse’s Genealogy Blog).


Sandy of Cemetery Divas is out having ankle surgery. Prayers and best wishes for as speedy and painless a recovery as possible.

At T.K.’s Before My Time I found a reference to Dana Huff’s blog, Our Family History. It has a Texas connection, so I have added it to the Texas Team.

This has been mentioned on other recaps, but you must read Chery’s story of her search for her father at Nordic Blue.

Read Tipper’s interview of Appalachian author Peggy Poe Stern and then link to the excerpt from Peggy’s book Heaven High and Hell Deep over at Blind Pig and the Acorn. You’ll be hooked!

Nest Pic Challenge – Can You Tell We Can’t Wait for Spring?

Over at Linda’s Flipside and Carol’s Reflections from the Fence. They have some great pictures of nests in trees. Well, ladies, here’s my contribution.

OK, it’s not very spectacular. But notice the home d├ęcor, i.e., the plastic ribbons hanging down. I have seen chickadees hovering near this nest, but I don’t think it is a chickadees’ nest. Speaking of which, here is what I hope to lure the chickadees to nest in this spring (it was a Christmas present):

Off-Topic: Beware of Crash Blossoms!

First there were Phantonyms, now there are Crash Blossoms! "Crash Blossoms" is the name now given to a phenomenon that owes its existence to the practice of compressing headlines into the fewst number of words possible, so that the little words that could prevent ambiguities are eliminated. In his latest “On Language” column for the NY Times, Ben Zimmer describes the evolution of the neologism for this phenomenon and how this name caught on. The original headline was “Violinist Linked to JAL Crash Blossoms.” I’ll cite one more such headline – “British Left Waffles on Falklands” – to whet your appetite for more and recommend that you read the full article here.

Meanwhile, here in Northern Virginia, it is snowing. And snowing. And snowing….


  1. Greta,

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for. I also use Reunion, if you click on the yellow "+" sign above the person you are looking to add a second spouse to, a box pops up with different options, such as add another spouse.

    As for the marriage record portion, you can mark a couple as divorced so that the second spouse makes sense.

    I hope this is what you are looking for and is helpful.


  2. Thanks, Terri. I am actually trying to find out how to show that the same couple has married, divorced, and then married one another once again (and, as it happens, divorced again); I should have made that clear.

  3. OK, your nest photo is terrific! Amazing stuff those birds! Quite the builders. I read once of a lady that had collected the nests around her yard, and found the hair of her daughters in them. How cool is that??

    Have you tried adding another marriage from within. Open their screen to your edit portion and say, add marriage?? in RM3, if I say add marriage as a fact, it will ask me which hubby, since I only have one, it allows me to add a second date/fact. My son and his wife actually were married 2 times, almost 9 months apart, and I have both dates in RM.

  4. Thanks, Carol, I am going to try that. I am fascinated by all the stuff birds put in their nests. The "ribbons" made me laugh because it looked as though the birds had made a deliberate attempt to "beautify" their nest.

  5. I am thinking you have been a very busy lady since you got back. When do you find time to read and write and research. I struggle to read some and occasionally write. This is a wonderful post, and full of varied interest.

  6. Frances - Well, there's not much extra time, but some of the posts I either "write in my head" or scribble down on paper in the off moment so that I can post them when I have a chance. Genealogy, including this blog, is my primary hobby, so when I'm not at work, cleaning house, etc., it fills a lot of my "spare" time.