Saturday, February 6, 2010

It’s Deep … and Getting Deeper

The Blizzard of 2010

Here was the view out our front door early this morning.

Here is the view out the back.

The bamboo has started to bend over.

Our regular visitors are here. All are welcome, even the “pests.”

First they start to gather in the trees.

And see what they can find on the ground.

My husband dug out a path on our deck so that he could refill the birdfeeders, but that has already started to fill in.

R.B. wonders what all the fuss is about.

More snow is coming....


  1. Beautiful pictures Greta!!! I was posting my damage on facebook, I'll have to post on my blog as well. The snow just isn't stopping!

  2. Oh, wow! The pictures are beautiful, but I hope you thaw out soon.

  3. these photos are AWESOME! I especially like the one with the red breasted bird in the tree - what a contrast against the whiteness

  4. I like the photo of the cat looking out the window!

  5. Wow! You have more on the ground than we do. It certainly has been a weird winter watching the snow stay south of us. Great pictures. I hope that very soon they are all that is left of your snow!

  6. Hello Greta:

    Thanks for posting your snowy pictures. The scenes look very familiar. We have had snow for several weeks. I like the pics of the birds and your cat. The barometer is going down so we might receive another snow



  7. Great pictures... wow, what a whopper of a storm! That's the kind of snow I expected to see here in St Joseph since we are in the snow belt for lake effect snow. We did have one snow storm like that this season but ever since then all the storms have been going south of us. I'm sorry for your inconvenience but it sure is pretty!

  8. Thanks to all of you for dropping by and commenting! Believe it or not, early this (Sunday) morning I drove my husband to Dulles Airport! That was exciting, to say the least. Our big holly tree in the front yard has split apart and our neighbor's bamboo is almost all bent over (not a good thing because a lot of the birds make their homes there).

    Leah - I loved your snow picture! We're going to remember this one for a long time, that's for sure.
    Lisa - Thanks, we've made a start, but the snow and ice are still pretty thick (and I can now state that based on personal experience).
    Mary - That is one of our faithful cardinals, and I love trying to get pictures of them at the feeders.
    Alice - I love that pic, too; R.B. just knows that he is a handsome boy.
    Apple - Yes, this has been one of the strangest winters in memory; it was also eerie to hear about the snow down in Texas from my friends and relatives there.
    Raymond - Yes, we haven't heard the last of the snow here, either. Not sure when we are going to get out!
    Jasia - Except for that white-knuckle trip to the airport, the snow has been rather enjoyable, though I do hope our street gets cleared soon.

  9. I feel your pain!
    Theresa of Tangled Trees
    - Fairfax, VA

  10. We had snow like that last year. Every day for over a month we received snow, some light some heavy. I am only 5 feet tall and couldn't pile it any higher from my driveway. I liked to shovel it but c'mon now that was too much.
    I am glad I posted the garden center pictures to take you away from this for even a minute. Now get back to shoveling, those walks won't clear themselves. At least not until April.

  11. Love your site. I noticed your cat. Our Schooster looks exactly like yours. Go to to see brothers Simon and Schooster.

  12. Up here in New Hampshire we usually look out our window at scenes this for four months- but this year we are sharing it with you! I can see the grass now in my back yard!