Monday, February 8, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy – Challenge 6, Online Databases at the Public Library

On to the latest of 52 challenges for improving our research skills posed by Amy of We Tree. This one I have known about for quite a while. The closest library to me is the Falls Church City Public Library. I have been accessing Heritage Quest using my library card there for almost as long as I have been doing genealogy and had already been using it for several months before I signed up for Ancestry. I still go back to the census images on Heritage Quest when the image is poor on Ancestry; sometimes it is better and sometimes not. Even when the image is not much better, an image may appear very dark on one of the services and very light on the other, and between the two you may be able to figure out what is written. PERSI is also available through Heritage Quest and I sometimes use it for that.


  1. I so identify with your post. I did however lose my library card and have not had time to get a new one.
    Thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog.
    Frances 'The hummer'

  2. Hi Frances! That reminds me, at one point I let my card expire and I couldn't access Heritage Quest until I got it renewed - what a panic!