Sunday, January 10, 2010

For Becky Wiseman: Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy When I’m Traveling

I am thrilled to learn that Becky Wiseman of kinexxions has also awarded me the Happy 101 Award. Because Becky was one of the first GeneaBloggers whose blog I found, admired, and tried to emulate, this is a true honor for me. So, in honor of Becky, through whose posts on her travels so many of us are deriving much vicarious pleasure these days, I would like to devote the following post to her: “Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy When I’m Traveling.”

1. A pleasant and adventurous traveling companion. (But not too adventurous. I am not going to climb that mountain.) And, in certain countries, one who can drive stick shift, remember to keep on the left side of the road, and park in impossible spots.

2. A camera that works (including a flash that goes off when it’s supposed to and not just when it wants to).

3. Cooperative weather. That’s right, Mr. Cumulus over there, move your fat behind and let the sun shine on this tombstone.

4. Good music on the radio or my iPod. (And a companion who does not mind screechy violins or sing-alongs in Hungarian. See #1 above.)

5. The knowledge that I haven’t forgotten anything. (Well, OK, that one’s never gonna happen.)

6. Animals to watch, pet, or somehow interact with.

7. At least one rainbow, and at least one spectacular sunset. (And I never get tired of them.)

8. At least one good (non-chain) bookstore.

9. Schmoozing with people we meet along the way.

10. Coming home to a house with no basement flood (it’s happened before), no cat-caused mess, and nothing in the mail that had to be dealt with immediately.

Happy travels, Becky – we’re all having a blast reading about your journey!


  1. Yours is the best "10 things that make me happy" list I've see yet, Greta! I especially like and can relate to #2. Not that I can't relate to the others, but that one in particular really had me chuckling.

    I've been tagged too. I guess I'd better get busy and write mine up...

  2. Like the list~ However, this ole gal actually prefers cloudy days to do headstone photos, they seem to turn out better, no glare from those shiny marble ones. LOL

  3. Greta, thank you for the laughs! Love it! I chuckled all the way through it. Can definitely relate to many of the items. And thanks for dedicating it to me. I'm glad that you and the others are enjoying traveling along with me...

  4. Sure blame the cat. Poor cat. Always take the rap.
    I like these lists because it gives us a little glimpse into our fellow bloggers lives.

  5. Jasia - Yes, #2 has inspired almost as much bad language from me as bad drivers when we have taken trips.

    Carol - You're right that cloudy days are usually better to take pictures. I was remembering a day on a long ago trip to Britain when I was starting to take a picture and this giganto cloud moved in, blocking out almost all the light. It was followed by a downpour and I never did get to take that picture....

    Becky - Glad to hear you enjoyed it. I haven't been able to do much traveling for pure pleasure during the last few years, so I'm having a blast reading your accounts.

    Lori - Yup, I blame the cats. In our house, it's a safe bet.

    Thank you all for dropping by!