Friday, January 1, 2010

Family Newsletter Friday 1 Jan 2010

I love that my first Family Newsletter Friday post for the New Year is on January 1st!


Almost all my genealogy activity (and there has been some!) over the past couple of weeks has been devoted to inputting information on the Norman family. I am still working on the children of Joseph Madison Carroll Norman and Rebecca Monk, specifically J. J. Norman. Not exactly sure what “J. J.” stands for, as I have found varying expansions. Inez Cline has James J. “Jobe” Norman. I have seen “Josephus,” “Jode,” and “Joe” as well. He and Martha King had a large family (12 children, I think), so this will take a while. Right now I’m working on his son Joel T. Norman’s family, also a large family. Joel T. Norman would have been my Grandma Sallie Frances Norman Brinlee’s first cousin.


When I’m in the family room, I work on my laptop, which does not have my Reunion genealogy program loaded on it, so I tended to do all my Lizzie Smith brick wall research there. I have started a Bonner candidate database based on the 1870 and 1880 censuses (Lizzie Smith’s first husband was reputed to be a Bonner).


If you have not already, you absolutely must visit Carol at Reflections from the Fence and see the picture story of a fantastic gift given by her.

Between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve I took a break from the somewhat intensive posting of December and went “visiting” to various blogs to have more leisure in reading them and commenting on them. While I want to keep up a good blog writing pace this year, it’s quite nice just to be able to read blogs and exchange comments with fellow bloggers for a while. Perhaps around mid-year I’ll try a break like this again.

Follow Friday

Look for a post updating the list of Texas-linked bloggers on the "Texas Team"; there are several new and newly discovered blogs. I hope to resume Follow Friday next Friday, but for this Friday I would like to mention some blogs that I have greatly enjoyed reading but have not had new posts for a while. Since I am well aware that there are many family and work circumstances that can sideline blogging, this is not a whine (I hope) but just a tribute and expression of appreciation:

They That Go Down to the Sea [This just just in: She's baaack! Someone must be listening up there.... But wait a minute. I realized that TTGDTTS was back because it was in my Blogger reader, which uses the follower function... but TTGDTTS is in Wordpress. Well, my daughters and I have been watching Twilight Zone all day. Now I'm in it.]

The Desktop Genealogist Unplugged

Wibbling Jo’s Genealogy Blog

We have also had fellow GeneaBloggers who have lost dear ones this year and have gone through other trials and challenges. To them I offer my prayers, hopes, and best wishes for a New Year full of good health, encouragement, inspiration, and beauty.

Below are some pictures of my cats taken during the holidays. No connection to anything here; I posted them "just because."


  1. Sorry to but in on your family newsletter, but thank you for the reminder about Carol. What a lovely post she had. I love your attention to making a family newsletter. Keep up the good work. "you go girl"

  2. Oh, my, Frances, you are not butting in at all! I call these articles "Family Newsletters," but they're actually for anyone; I figure some of the research items are only of interest to cousins, but I also try to put various items of general blogging interest from the week. So I think I'll start calling this "Family and Friends Newsletter Friday"! And thanks for dropping in.

  3. I love your kitty photos. Looking forward to the ever-increasing list of Texas bloggers, too.

  4. Thanks a million for the shout out, Greta! I guess we were both tuned in to the great genealogy hive-mind at the same time!