Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Warm Spot in a Cold Day

My heartfelt thanks to Karen at Ancestor Soup, Dorene from The Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay, and Cheryl of Heritage Happens for awarding me the Happy 101 Award. These are blogs that I greatly enjoy reading and it means a lot to me to know that they enjoy my blog, too.

As a way of expressing my gratitude for the pleasure reading their blogs has given me, I would like to pass the award along to the following 10 bloggers. Those who are awarded this honor are supposed to list 10 things that make them happy and pass the award on to 10 other bloggers. I would like to make this optional, to be left to the discretion of the awardees – you may do either, both, or neither, or you may do less than 10 if you wish.

Amanda Acquard at A Tale of Two Ancestors

Amanda the Librarian at ABT UNK

Ruth Stephens at Bluebonnet Country Genealogy

Mavis Jones at Georgia Black Crackers

Janet Iles at Janet the Researcher

Texican Wife at Mountain Genealogists

Astrid at Of Trolls and Lemons

The Folk Archivist at Folk Archivist’s Blog

Joan Hill at Roots ‘n’ Leaves

J. Mulder at Tracing My Roots

Please check these blogs out if you have not already; they provide food for the mind and food for the heart.

10 things that make me happy:

1. My patient husband.

2. My funny and awesome daughters.

3. My comedian cats.

4. My gaggle of backyard bird visitors.

5. My generous relatives, close and distant, who provide me with information, photographs, and encouragement.

6. The GeneaBlogging Community, which gets my vote for the absolute best online community.

7. Digging in the dirt and watching things grow.

8. Finding ancestors!

9. Getting paid to work with foreign languages.

10. The thought that there is so much wonderful music to listen to and so many good books to read in this world.


  1. Guess I should have checked first but I've also given you the Happy 101 Award!

  2. Oh, Becky, I'm glad you didn't wait to check first because I'm so honored to receive it from you. So in your honor I'm going to write "Top Things that Make Me Happy When I'm Traveling."

  3. Well hope your award shelf is big enough, because you have been given another Happy 101 Award over at Where I Come From

  4. Thank you so much for the Happy 101 award.

  5. Thank you, Greta! I am enjoying your blog and so glad you are reading mine, ABT UNK!