Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bandit’s A Blogger’s Best Friend Award

My warmest thanks to the much-respected Genea-Bloggers listed below for presenting me with Bandit’s A Blogger’s Best Friend Award. I love following their blogs and find their writing so interesting and intriguing that I couldn’t NOT comment:

Karen at Ancestor Soup
Lori at Genealogy and Me
Carol at Reflections from the Fence
Nancy at My Ancestors and Me

Since these four ladies are also loyal followers and commenters on my blog, they would definitely be on the list of awardees from me, but since I have been out of town, I have had to postpone my participation until now.

The terms of the award include passing it on to two of our most loyal followers, so I’ll take the liberty of including two bloggers per award:

Linda at Flipside
Amy at They That Go Down to the Sea
Apple at Apple’s Tree
Judith Richards Shubert of Genealogy Traces and Tennessee Memories
Leah at Random Notes
hummer at Branching Out Through the Years
Tipper at Blind Pig and the Acorn
Amanda the Librarian at ABT UNK
Joan at Roots ‘n Leaves

Oops, that’s nine. Oh well, I can’t count. And I can’t omit any of them, as they and the four ladies at the top all write blogs that entertain and educate me. Oh, heck, I might as well admit it – I am always reading things on their blogs that I wish that I had written.

Awardees, you may acknowledge and/or pass on the award as you wish. I’d just like to say “Thank you” to all of you for visiting my blog and for providing such rich food for thought on your blogs.


  1. Congrats on the award!! And me-I'll be smiling the rest of the day to know you like my writing-cause you are one talented writer-and I often wish I was able to write about my past the way you do yours : )so-thank you!

  2. Thanks, Tipper. Funny ... I want to write just like you!

  3. Greta, congratulations on receiving 4 awards! Because you didn't post all week I was wondering if you were okay, and then I realized that you were probably at your uncle's funeral. I'm so sorry about your uncle. I'm glad you're back safe and sound.

    I enjoy the blogger awards that go around because they lead me to blogs that I might not have otherwise found. Thanks for sharing so many.

  4. Thank you Nancy, for your comments and also for your concern. I love sharing the blogs I read because I learn so much from them.

  5. Thanks for the mention Greta!!! :-)