Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spinoff! Spinoff!

Definitely would like to see a spinoff series from tonight's CSI episode, "Genetic Disorder," with Pamela Reed as the genealogist-investigator who gets drawn into a different mystery from week to week through her genealogical research business. It's an idea whose time has come. And it has a built-in audience.

I enjoyed the episode tonight and especially the positive portrayal of genealogists and people who are interested in genealogy. It also included the "dark side" of research that many of us have encountered - digging up family secrets that many people would prefer to see left alone.


  1. Hi Greta, I enjoyed it, too, and I usually don't like that show. She was a good character. Reminded me in a way of a younger version of the character that Angela Lansbury portrayed in "Murder, She Wrote," if you remember that show.

    My one point of contention was her line "as a genealogist you go with your gut." I'd say yes, but also back it up with sources.

    But I hope some network person thinks like you do; a show that like would be great.

  2. Jenny - Yes, I agree - very much like Angela Lansbury. I like how Pam Reed can project the "tough, tender, and intelligent" image.