Friday, December 2, 2011

An Ornament a Day - Day 2

When it comes to ornaments, I like ...

... birds. All kinds and colors of birds, birds on the wing, perching berds. After all, what's a tree without birds?

Last year's Advent Calendar post:

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  1. Loved your bird! I used to have lots of birds on my trees, but for some reason not so much anymore --- perhaps they are now an endangered species and hate my fake tree -- tho I no longer sneeze and sniffle my way thru the holidays.Thanks for your ornaments and memories.

  2. I love this idea. Jasia apparently did something like this a few years ago (I need to go look at her archives). You've inspired me to try something similar next year.

    I am so very pleased to see a Cardinal among your birds - even without the bat across his chest.

  3. What a lovely idea! When we cleaned out the Family Home, We didn't go through the christmas ornaments. We set them aside to tackle later. Your approach would make it a fun project.

  4. Your bird ornaments are lovely! I have three white Dove ornaments from Germany . . . bird ornaments are so different and make our Christmas trees unique.

  5. Joan - My cats are all too interested in the bird ornaments, so I now put them higher up.

    Susan - Oh, it wouldn't be a proper Christmas tree without a cardinal - we love the "real" ones that come to our feeders. As to the "capital C" cardinals, well, we'd probably have a Red Sox-themed ornament....

    Michelle - I would give anything if my Mom had kept her old ornaments. It's amazing how many of the ornaments are associated with memories.

    Gini - Those white dove ornaments are so special. While I try to be restrained in my ornament purchases these days, I do like to get one or two new ones each year, and that's exactly the type I am going to be looking for.