Monday, December 12, 2011

An Ornament a Day - Day 12

When it comes to ornaments, I like ...

... onion domes.

Last year's Advent Calendar post:

Advent Calendar Day 12 - Volunteering: Teaching Old Church Slavonic to Third Graders


  1. Oh, I like them too! And I liked the dolls. I've got to do something like this some day. Meanwhille I am so enjoying your posts.

  2. Oh these are really wonderful! You have very unique ornaments . . . enjoying and looking forward to each new post, Greta!

  3. Carol - Thank you! They were on sale at our church festival and I couldn't resist them.

    Susan - Thank you - I could almost have a "Russia and Eastern Europe"-themed Christmas tree all by itself. The colors and the designs lure me in.

    Jasia - Thank you!

    Gini - The admiration is mutual - but you are so lucky to have older ornaments. I think my oldest ornaments date to the 70s.