Saturday, December 3, 2011

An Ornament a Day - Day 3

When it comes to ornaments, I like ...

... cats.

Hey, what's that last guy doing there? Oh, yeah, he likes to "help." By standing right on top of the ornaments I'm trying to photograph.

The gold-colored cat on the right in the first picture was taken from a belt I bought at a thrift store. We call that "Redneck Recycling."

Last Year's Advent Calendar Post (appropriately):

Advent Calendar Day 3: Christmas Tree Ornaments


  1. Hi Greta,

    I like (love) cats, too, so I love this post. And much as I love cats, they do have a way of, well, being in the way.

    Love the recycling idea!

  2. Jenny - It's the sound of wrapping paper that REALLY gets my cats' attention - they just have to be in the middle of the action.