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Featured Family Friday: William Warren Baldwin and Jeanetta M. T. Moore

William Warren Baldwin
b. ca 1835, South Carolina
d. bef 1870
& Jeanetta M. T. “Nettie” Moore
b. 14 Aug 1836
d. 20 Aug 1876
|--Martha Emma Baldwin
|----b. 6 Dec 1856, Greenville County, South Carolina
|----d. 21 Aug 1939, Greenville County, South Carolina
|---& Henry Martin Thompson
|----b. 7 Oct 1858, Oaklawn Township, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|----d. 2 May 1926, West Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina
|----m. 17 Nov 1878
|--James Ervin Baldwin
|----b. 13 May 1858, South Carolina
|----d. 17 Feb 1941, Simpsonville, Greenville County, South Carolina
|---& Mary Ann Smith
|----b. 11 Sep 1860, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|----d. 3 Jan 1935, Greenville County, South Carolina
|----m. 1882
|--Eliza Baldwin
|----b. 1860, South Carolina
|--John Henry Baldwin
|----b. 7 Sep 1860, South Carolina
|----d. 29 Oct 1938, Standing Springs, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|---& Mary Jane Narcissus “Mollie” Forrester
|----b. 27 Feb 1867, Near Mauldin, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|----d. 10 Mar 1939, Standing Springs, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|----m. 26 Feb 1881
|--William Spencer Baldwin
|----b. 11 Nov 1862, South Carolina
|----d. 4 Apr 1935, Mauldin, Greenville, South Carolina
|---& Harriet Elsie Forrester
|----b. May 1868, South Carolina
|----d. 30 May 1942, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|----m. 1889

Jeanetta M. T. Moore was the youngest child of Bud Mathis Moore and Martha Brown Coulter. There are a couple of obvious gaps in this family: father William Warren Baldwin and daughter Eliza Baldwin. I have only been able to find William Warren Baldwin on one census so far (1860); by 1870, Jeanetta is a widow. According to the Bud Mathis Moore Family materials of J. Furman Moore, “William Baldwin fought with the Confederate Army the entire duration of the war, and died of Typhoid Fever in Greensboro, N.C. on the day that Lee surrendered. Rests at Greensboro, N.C.” I could put the date of Lee’s surrender as his date of death, but I would like to find further evidence for this date before I do so. This is about the sum total of what I know about William Warren Baldwin. I have seen online genealogies indicating that his parents were R. Berry and Permilla Baldwin, and I believe that he was a cousin of Mary Ann Elizabeth Baldwin, who married Jeanetta’s brother Samuel Alexander Moore. One of these genealogies indicates that he was born in 1833 in Mississippi. I have based Martha Emma Baldwin’s name on census information, but the online genealogies give her name as Emma Dora.

The following from the Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System may refer to William Warren Baldwin:

W. W. Baldwin, Confederate
2 South Carolina Infantry 2 Palmetto Regiment, Company B, Private-Private

Eliza is also still a mystery, one of numerous sisters in my Greenville County and Anderson County families who is hard to track down.

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