Friday, August 21, 2009

Family Newsletter Friday: 21 August 2009

This week’s Family Newsletter will be rather short, as most of my genealogy activities this week have been covered in two previous posts (right below this week’s Featured Family Friday), Cousins to the Rescue Again! and I Love GenWeb.


Research on the Thomas Wiley Huff-Leatha Norman family heated up this week when I found more online postings by descendants. When I finally sent out an e-mail to other Norman researchers, the results I got opened up the entire Joseph Madison Carroll family, as a reply from a descendant of Thomas and Leatha Huff contained an excellent Norman Family History by Inez E. Cline which does, in fact, confirm that this Leatha Norman was JMC Norman’s daughter. I will be using this history and the online posts in combination with the usual Ancestry/GenWeb/Rootsweb/Family Search, etc. sources to fill in as many blanks as possible. On the basis of descendant interviews, the Cline history actually lists the posited 27 children of JMC Norman, including children who died young. I have glanced at the Cline history enough to confirm much of what it has on my branch of the family, though there are a few details that can be added and altered based on what I know.

I have found an e-mail address for an additional Norman contact that was not on my list, so I plan to go through my notes again and send our more e-mails!


Again, this was covered in I Love GenWeb: I was startled to find on the Greenville GenWeb site that one of the prominent Greenville Moores, William Spencer Moore (nephew of my guy) had been a prisoner of war in Camp Douglas in Chicago. Since my great-grandfather Harlston Perrin Moore was a guard at the Confederate prison camp known as Camp Sorghum (and probably at its successor, Camp Asylum), I have bought a few books on Civil War prison camps and read some online articles; this will fuel my interest even more. My husband, who is a big Civil War history guy and has tons of books on all aspects of it, is also very interested in this research.

Some time within the next couple of weeks I will probably be getting the 20+ Greenville News obituaries I ordered. These should be the last ones! Maybe.

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