Friday, August 14, 2009

Family Newsletter Friday: 14 August 2009

Not a lot of “organized” genealogy has gotten done this week. The culprit is not Facebooking or blog reading, but rather household and business chores. And I did actually have some time to do genealogy, but I used it to take advantage of three days of free access to World Vital Records.

World Vital Records

Most of the available records that provided hits on the names I entered seemed to be records that I can access for free elsewhere. One possible exception are some of the images of family genealogies and family group sheets. Some of these are sources I have seen cited for the families I am researching, so it is useful to be able to refer to them. World Vital Records has extended the free access period, and I will probably input a few more names, but I don’t know that there is much more for me to find. Here are some of the families on which I found information:

Dobbins and Skiles (Rosannah Dobbins and Henry Skiles) – from Some Dobbins Skiles Lines from Pennsylvania to North Carolina Also With Additional Lines, Coker, Cowan, Dailey, Graham, Hess, Palmer, Barekman – J. B. Barekman

Dalrymple and Lewis – Samuel Dalrymple, Ellinor Lewis, Rosannah Dalrymple Lewis – from South Carolinians in the Revolution

Highsmith – Daniel Highsmith and Lucretia Parker family

Clark – Christopher and Penelope Clark family, plus some will abstracts from Surry County, NC

Sisson – Obediah and William T. Sisson land patents in Alabama

Matlock – Moore Matlock and Jane Powell family

Matlock and Clark – some records from Warren County, Kentucky, Marriages 1797-1851

Brinlee – miscellaneous items, mostly referring to Brinlee branches which I have not yet researched


One of the ancestor charts I found through World Vital Records contained information on Joseph Madison Carroll Norman’s daughter with Mary Frances Karr, Margaret D. Norman, and her husband Joel Weston.

I did some more work on the Thomas Wiley Huff – Leatha Norman family. In addition to the two genealogies I mentioned last week, I found another reference to this family on GenForum. It lists their children and Thomas’ parents, but does not include Leatha’s parents. I will include the person who wrote these posts in my e-mail to Norman family researchers. I still believe they are part of "my" Norman family, but there are some confusing bits of information and some discrepancies.


I am glad to see that Laura of Root Seek is settled in her new home and back to blogging. Also new posts from Cindy at Everything’s Relative – Researching Your Family History and Deb at Deb’s Genealogy Room.


  1. Gosh....Thanks for the mention Greta! I didn't realize anyone "watched" my blog that closely. heehee And yes, I have been very slack on my genealogy blog. For some of my absence, life got in the way & for the rest of it, I just didn't have any inspiration on what to write about. But thanks to one of my nieces, she poked me to get back to it. :)

  2. Greta, Just read your post in Google reader. Thanks so much for the welcome back!