Sunday, August 9, 2009

14 of my 16 Great-Greats

The latest Saturday Night Genealogy Fun from Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings:

1) List your 16 great-great-grandparents in pedigree chart order. List their birth and death years and places.

2) Figure out the dominant ethnicity or nationality of each of them.

3) Calculate your ancestral ethnicity or nationality by adding them up for the 16 - 6.25% for each (obviously, this is approximate).

4) If you don't know all 16 of your great-great-grandparents, then do it for the last full generation you have.

5) Write your own blog post, or make a comment on Facebook or in this post.

1. Hiram Carroll Brinlee Sr.
b. 25 Dec 1808, Kentucky or Tennessee (I have death dates somewhere for Hiram and his wife, but have not yet entered them in my genealogy program because they will be the last set of great-great-grandparents I will be working on until and unless I learn who my Smith great-great-grandparents were).

2. Elizabeth Ann McKinney, b. 23 Feb 1823, Kentucky

3 and 4. The parents of my great brick wall, Susan Elizabeth Smith, whoever they were.

5. Joseph Madison Carroll Norman, b. 8 Jun 1833, Alabama, d. 1 Apr 1901, Arkansas

6. Rebecca Monk, b. 1837, Alabama, d. bef 1864 Alabama

7. William T. Sisson, b. ca 1826, Georgia, d. 12 Feb 1894, Alabama

8. Jerusha Elizabeth Neeley, d. bef 1858

9. William Spencer Moore, b. 1813, South Carolina, d. 31 Oct 1871, South Carolina

10. Emily Tarrant, b. 1813, South Carolina, d. bef 1880, South Carolina

11. Elisha Berry Lewis, b. 1813, South Carolina, d. 23 Feb 1889, South Carolina

12. Martha Poole, b. 1815, South Carolina, d. bef 1865, South Carolina

13. George Floyd, b. 29 Sep 1807, Vermont, d. 11 Mar 1880, Texas

14. Nancy Finley, b. ca 1816, Illinois, d. 5 Feb 1864, Texas

15. Absalom C. Matlock, b. 21 Mar 1825, Kentucky, d. 1865, Texas

16. Nancy Malvina Harris, b. b. 28 Apr 1827, Kentucky, d. 11 Aug 1862, Texas

I cannot give the precise ethnic breakdown for these ancestors; for the most part it is a combination of Scots-Irish and English, with some Welsh (Lewis and Floyd), a bit of German and Dutch through the McKinneys, and possibly a bit of French through the Normans.

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