Friday, August 14, 2009

Featured Family Friday: William Spencer Moore and Frances Emmaline Henderson

William Spencer Moore
b. 5 Jun 1834
d. 16 Mar 1919
& Frances Emmaline “Emma” Henderson
b. 1 Dec 1841, Simpsonville, Greenville Co., South Carolina
d. 15 Feb 1925
m. 1 Dec 1865
|--Lillie Talulah “Lula” Moore
|----b. 30 Sep 1864, South Carolina
|----d. 15 Oct 1926
|--& Franklin Lafayette “Fate” Huff
|----b. 11 May 1856, South Carolina
|----d. 15 Mar 1914
|----m. 1 Feb 1882
|--Mary Frances “Fannie” Moore
|----b. 4 May 1869, Greenville County, South Carolina
|----d. 16 Oct 1935, Greenville County, South Carolina
|--& Seaborn Varius Parks
|----b. 1868
|----d. 28 May 1951, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|----m. 19 Nov 1891
|--Charles Alexander Moore
|----b. 25 Sep 1870, South Carolina
|----d. 19 Nov 1947, Fountain Inn, Greenville, South Carolina
|--& Flora Lee Parks
|----b. 1 Jun 1874, South Carolina
|----d. 9 Nov 1957, Spartanburg, South Carolina
|----m. 3 Jan 1895
|--Henry Mathis Moore
|----b. 12 Jul 1872
|----d. 7 Aug 1945, Simpsonville, Austin Twp., Greenville, SC
|--& Frances Lillie Jones
|----b. 26 May 1875
|----d. 7 Oct 1962, Reedy Fork, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|----m. 14 Nov 1893
|--William Breaker Moore
|----b. 25 Apr 1874
|----d. 4 Sep 1940, Greenville, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|--& Olivia Alice “Leavy” Austin
|----b. 10 Nov 1872
|----d. 24 May 1959
|----m. 1895
|--Percy Williams Moore
|----b. 31 Jan 1876, Standing Springs, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|----d. 19 Apr 1943, Greeneville, Tennessee
|--& Vannie Hunt
|----b. Nov 1884, Towaliga, Georgia
|----d. Maryville, Tennessee
|----m. 24 Oct 1906, Milner, Church, GA
|--James Furman Moore
|----b. 17 Jan 1878
|----d. 1 Jul 1942, Greenville City, Greenville, SC
|--& Eunice Elvira Peeler
|----b. 1 Nov 1878, Cherokee County, South Carolina
|----d. 27 Jun 1970
|--Milton Donaldson Moore
|----b. 17 Sep 1879, Simpsonville, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|----d. 10 Mar 1943
|--& Margaret VanVleck
|----b. 27 Jul 1883, Washington, D.C.
|----d. 7 Aug 1957, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
|----m. 27 Mar 1903, Simpsonville, Austin Twp., Greenville, SC
|--Minnie Virginia Moore
|----b. 13 Jul 1882
|----d. 10 Nov 1959
|--Martha Brown Moore
|----b. 21 May 1888, Greenville County, South Carolina
|----d. 4 Oct 1977, Simpsonville, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|--& Robert Lee “Bob” Chiles
|----b. 28 Aug 1889, Greenville County, South Carolina
|----d. 4 Apr 1944, Austin, Greenville, South Carolina
|----m. 17 Dec 1913

This is the large family of William Spencer Moore, son of Bud Mathis Moore and Martha Brown Coulter, and Frances Emmaline Henderson, daughter of the Rev. Henry Langford Henderson and Rebecca Adeline Cox. This William Spencer Moore was the nephew of my great-great grandfather William Spencer Moore and was named for him, and there are at least a couple of later William Spencers in the family who were named for him.

So far all of the “research cousins” I correspond with from the Bud Mathis Moore branch of the Samuel Moore family are descended from this family. It was Mary (descended from Charles Alexander Moore), one of these cousins, who kindly provided me with the Furman Moore history of the Bud Mathis Moore family that is the starting place for research on this branch; Furman was the son of this William Spencer Moore. Some of the descendants of this branch still live in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

This branch has fewer gaps in information than other branches of the Bud Mathis Moore family, but I would still love to exchange information with any descendants of this branch who may stumble on this article. You never know when we might put together some critical information that would help us to find Samuel Moore’s wife or parents.

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