Friday, February 27, 2009

Names, Places & Most Wanted Faces

Many thanks to Geneablogie for this great meme. Many people are very generous to offer assistance with brick walls. In this spirit, I am going to look carefully at all of these lists posted by fellow genea-bloggers to find common names or places, and I will try to keep those names in mind when I am doing research in the relevant areas.

Surnames and locations:

Moore: South Carolina (Greenville and Anderson), Texas (Dallas and Baylor)
Lewis: South Carolina (Anderson), Texas (Dallas, Wilbarger)
Brinlee: Texas (Collin, Fannin, Red River), Oklahoma (Atoka, Garvin, Oklahoma), Kentucky (Christian), possibly Virginia (Rockingham)
Smith: Tennessee
Floyd: Texas (Dallas, Baylor), Illinois (Greene, Jersey), New York, Vermont
Tarrant: South Carolina (Greenville)
Poole: South Carolina (Anderson)
Dalrymple: South Carolina (Anderson)
Norman: Texas (Hunt, Fannin), Alabama (Talladega), Arkansas (Garland)
Sisson: Texas (Hunt, Fannin), Alabama (Talladega)
Finley: Illinois (Greene, Jersey), South Carolina
Matlock: Texas (Dallas), Kentucky (Warren), South Carolina (Pendleton)
Clark: Kentucky (Warren), South Carolina (Pendleton)
Dyer: Kentucky (Warren), South Carolina (Pendleton)
McKinney: Texas (Collin), Kentucky (Christian), New Jersey
Harris: Kentucky (Warren), Pennsylvania

Most wanted ancestors: parents of Susan Elizabeth “Lizzie” Smith, born ca 1868 in Tennessee; parents of Emily Tarrant, born ca 1813 in South Carolina; wife and parents of Samuel Moore, born 1756-1765, died 1828 in Greenville, South Carolina; parents of George Floyd, born 1807 in Vermont; mother of George and Hiram Brinlee (their father may have been John T. Brindley of Kentucky and their mother may have been his (unknown) first wife).


  1. Good information, Greta. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Same to you - I of course went to check on your surnames, just in case I saw another familiar surname - none, yet.