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Featured Family Friday: Caswell Floyd and Mary Miller

Caswell Floyd was the second youngest of the five sons of George Floyd and Nancy Finley. A few things are known about him among the Floyd researchers I am aware of (we are all descended from Charles Augustus Floyd, the second oldest brother), but there are still gaps. Caswell’s middle initial was “B”, and on one census his name is given as “Biankin.” This is a sort of “mini-mystery” among Floyd researchers, as we have never seen this name elsewhere and wonder if this is what it actually was.

Floyd researchers knew of five sons (George Albert, William Henry, Joseph Ira, Ollie B., and Charles Alford), and I found two additional children, Alice Floyd and Alvin Cletus Floyd. There were apparently two more children who died in early childhood.

Caswell and Mary are buried in Kleburg Cemetery, Kleburg, Dallas County, Texas. According to cousins Pat and Jim Dodd, “Caswell was a deacon in the Christian Church here on the Geo. Floyd land that was partitioned to him in 1867. After he sold the land to Charles A., he moved to Kleburg and became a Church of Christ preacher. (Church of Christ broke away from the Christian Church in about 1887 - 1st one in Texas was in Lancaster, TX.).” After Caswell’s death in 1890, Mary remarried to a Charles A. Long and had son Emmett, born 24 Feb 1893, who married Pearl Hall.

Caswell Biankin “Cass” Floyd
b. 1845, Greene Co., IL
d. 26 Oct 1890, Kleburg, Texas
& Mary E. Miller
b. Jan 1848, Illinois
d. 1916, Texas
|--George Albert Floyd
|----b. Mar 1870, Texas
|----d. bef 1900, Texas
|----& Ella America Dowdy
|----b. 8 Feb 1874, Texas
|----d. 6 Sep 1923, Kleburg, Texas
|----m. 4 Jun 1890, Kaufman Co., Texas
|--William Henry Floyd
|----b. 14 Jun 1873, Texas
|----d. 5 Dec 1942, Kleburg, Texas
|----& Anna Laura Myers
|----b. 10 Nov 1876, Daviess Co., Indiana
|----d. 12 Apr 1911, Kleburg, Texas
|----m. 1894
|----& Winnie Beatrice Prewitt
|----b. 8 Sep 1886, Texas
|---- d. 9 Feb 1932, Kleburg, Texas
|--Joseph Ira Floyd
|----b. 31 Aug 1875, Texas
|----d. 21 Jul 1948, Kleburg, Texas
|----& Minnie A.
|----b. 4 Mar 1880, Texas
|----d. 13 Dec 1963, Kleburg, Texas
|--Ollie B. “Bee” Floyd
|----b. 8 Jan 1877, Texas
|----d. 16 Apr 1957, Kleburg, Dallas Co., Texas
|----& Evalena “Lena” Osborne
|----b. 30 Aug 1883, Tennessee
|----d. 12 Dec 1958, Kleburg, Texas
|--Charles Alford Floyd
|----b. 7 Feb 1880, Texas
|----d. 5 May 1922, Kleburg, Texas
|----& Reina Hildebrand
|----b. 1889, Texas
|--Alice Floyd
|----b. 26 Jan 1882, Texas
|----d. 17 Oct 1918, Kleburg, Dallas Co., Texas
|----& Thomas Ezell
|----b. Feb 1869, Alabama
|----d. bef 1910
|----m. 1898
|----& Thomas Henry Bibb Jr.
|----b. 4 Nov 1868, Holmes Co., MS
|----d. 17 Oct 1918, Kleburg, Dallas Co., Texas
|----m. 1904
|--Alvin Cletus Floyd
|----b. 7 Feb 1888, Kleburg, Texas
|----d. 28 Dec 1970, Roswell, Chaves Co., New Mexico
|----& Essie Maples
|----b. 3 Mar 1890
|----d. 13 Mar 1977, Roswell, Chaves Co., New Mexico

I would welcome any additional information on this family and would be happy to share the information I have with descendants and researchers.

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  1. Hi Greta My name is Gregory Floyd, son of WH Floyd III, grandson of WH Floyd Jr, Great grandson of William Henry Floyd, great great grandson of Caswell Floyd. I would like to connect and talk with you. I live in North Texas