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Featured Family Friday: Alfred Byrum Floyd and Kate Clara Bass

Alfred Byrum Floyd was the youngest son of George Floyd and Nancy Finley. He and my great-grandfather Charles Augustus Floyd were the two Floyd sons who remained on the original Floyd land, so this is the other Floyd family about which Floyd researchers have the most information.

The following is an excerpt from the biographical sketch appeared in the Memorial and Biographical History of Dallas County, Texas (Illustrated), published by the Lewis Publishing Company of Chicago, Illinois in 1892:

“Alfred Byron Floyd, a frugal, enterprising farmer and one of the county’s law-abiding and progressive citizens, was born in Illinois, in 1848, and while an infant was brought to Texas by his parents, with whom he remained until he was twenty-eight years of age. He then engaged in farming and stock raising for himself, in which business he has since continued. After the death of his brother David, he purchased his farm of the heirs, at once took possession, and this has been his home ever since. In 1876 he was married to Miss Katie Bass, a native of Texas and daughter of D. S. and Emeline Bass….”

The land referred to appears to have been purchased from David’s widow Zillah and her third husband, Eli Lovett, in 1897.

Alfred Byrum Floyd
b. 1848, Greene Co., IL
d. 8 Jul 1913, Dallas County, TX
& Kate Clara Bass
b. 9 Jun 1860, Texas
d. 5 Jul 1959, Dallas County, TX
m. 22 Sep 1876, Dallas County, TX
|--Lillian Emma Floyd
|----b. 10 Jan 1878, Texas
|----d. 7 Jun 1932, Lancaster, Dallas County, TX
|---& Lewis Edgar “Lu” Diceman
|----b. 10 Mar 1870, Canada
|----d. 20 Dec 1964, Dallas, Texas
|----m. 1898
|--Leslie D. Floyd
|----b. 1 Dec 1878, Texas
|----d. 3 Oct 1950, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
|---& Kathryn Rich
|----b. 19 Jun 1898, Texas
|----d. 4 Jul 1963, Dallas County, TX
|--Lela O. Floyd
|----b. 5 Mar 1880, Texas
|---& Ralph R. Moffett
|----b. 21 Apr 1878, Texas
|----d. 27 Jun 1926, Dallas County, TX
|----b. 5 Sep 1882, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 4 Mar 1883, Dallas County, TX
|--Essie Mae Floyd
|----b. 17 Nov 1884, Texas
|----d. 12 Jan 1951, Dallas, Dallas County, TX
|---& Pat Garrett Lowrey
|----b. 25 Dec 1882, Wilmer, Dallas County, TX
|----d. 15 Jun 1956, Wilmer, Dallas County, TX
|----m. 1909
|--Vera N. Floyd
|-----b. 19 Feb 1888, Texas
|---& Thomas Lowrey
|--Stella E. Floyd
|----b. 16 Jul 1890, Texas
|---& Elmo Louis Ferguson
|-----b. 8 Oct 1888, Lancaster, Dallas, Texas
|----d. 9 May 1957, Denton, Denton, Texas
|----m. 1907
|--Willie Joe Floyd
|----b. 1893, Texas
|---& Charles Steele
|--Charles Alfred “Charlie” Floyd
|----b. 5 Feb 1895, Texas
|----d. 7 Jan 1973, Santa Rosa, Sonoma, CA
|---& Mary Alice
|----b. 19 Dec 1891, Missouri
|----d. 13 Jan 1974, Sonoma, California

There are still gaps in my information on this family, so I would welcome any additional information and would be happy to share what I have with descendants and researchers.

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