Sunday, July 3, 2011

Surname Sunday: Julius Koehl and Josephine Lochner

Julius Henry Koehl
b. 1839, Meisenheim, Germany
d. 16 Mar 1907
& Josephine Lochner
b. 1842, Wurttemberg
d. 17 Jan 1895
|--Josephine Koehl
|----b. 11 Feb 1867, Brooklyn, Kings, New York
|----d. 1949
|---& Peter H. Glashoff
|----b. 3 May 1866, Gluckstadt, Germany
|----d. 6 Oct 1937
|----m. 1899
|--Julia Koehl
|----b. Mar 1868, New York
|----d. 1960
|---& John A. Kern
|----b. Jan 1866, New York
|----d. 22 May 1948, Kings County, New York
|----m. ca 1891
|--Margaretta Helena “Lena” Koehl
|----b. 26 May 1869, Brooklyn, Kings, New York
|----d. 22 Oct 1875, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
|--Lillian “Lillie” Koehl
|----b. Apr 1872, New York
|---& Herman Binninger
|----b. Sep 1869, Germany
|----d. 13 Nov 1916, Kings County, New York
|--Frances Koehl
|----b. 8 Feb 1874, New York
|----d. 1966
|---& Paul Haas
|----b. 29 Jan 1876, New York
|----d. 22 May 1946
|--Julius Koehl
|----d. bef 26 Apr 1876
|--Magdalena M. “Lena” Koehl
|----b. 1876, New York
|----d. Apr 1969
|---& Frederick William A. Tonjes
|----b. 24 Jun 1879, Bremen, Germany
|----m. 14 Nov 1900, Kings County, New York
|--Henry “Harry” Julius Koehl
|----b. 4 May 1878, Brooklyn, Kings, New York
|----d. Feb 1965, New York
|---& Anna Christina “Christine” Fichtelmann
|----b. Feb 1882, New York
|----d. May 1961
|----m. 1898
|--Augusta M. “Gussie” Koehl
|----b. Aug 1879, New York
|---& Philip Kern
|----b. 7 Aug 1878, Germany
|----m. 25 Apr 1905
|--Louis Julius Koehl
|----b. 22 Aug 1881, New York
|---& Catherine “Katie” Reuss
|----b. 1884, New York
|----m. 20 Apr 1904, Kings County, New York

This is the family of my husband’s great-great grandparents Julius Koehl and Josephine Lochner. I wrote a post on this family soon after I started this blog in 2008, but have learned a great deal more about this family since then, particularly in the last few weeks. As you can see, there are still gaps - death dates are missing for several of the children - but I have a plan of action. For one thing, I will be sending off for death certificates and mortuary certificates for the two children who died young - Margaretta Hellena and Julius. Some of the sources of information are: the death certificates of Julius and Josephine Koehl, the probate records for the estate of Julius Koehl, census records - including two New York state censuses, birth, death, and marriage information accessed through the website, city directories, passport applications, tombstone photos, World War I and World War II enlistment records, and naturalization documents.

I would love to share information with anyone related to/researching this family; you can contact me at my e-mail address, which can be found by going to my profile page (there is a link to that page in the About Me section to the left).

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