Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Always Go Back and Reread Your Notes

As I was writing up the sources for yesterday’s post, I went back to my notes on my conversation with my mother-in-law regarding the D'Arco family house in Newark. She had remembered and given the addresses! James Street was the address of Nicholas D’Arco’s store; the family house was located at 446-8 Summer Avenue. This is the street view picture Google Maps gives for that address:

I think this is the right house.


  1. I too have found interesting items in my old notes that didn't mean much to me when at the time or I just overlooked them, but now when I go back I give myself the proverbial head slap!

  2. Cool! My gg grandparents' house is still standing after 150 years and my mother says it looks pretty much the same as she remembers it. One of these days I'm going to get brave and send a letter to the occupants, introduce myself, and ask for some photos :-)

  3. Cheryl, Teresa, and Debi - one thing I'd like to research on this house is the family story - that it used to be the home of the mayor of Newark! Thanks for stopping by.