Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Heritage Pie Chart

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has come up with the following challenge this week:

Your mission tonight, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) List your 16 great-great-grandparents with their birth, death and marriage data (dates and places).
2) Determine the countries (or states) that these ancestors lived in at their birth and at their death.
3) For extra credit, go make a “Heritage Pie” chart for the country of origin (birth place) for these 16 ancestors. [Hint: you could use the chart generator from Kid Zone for this.] [Note: Thank you to Sheri Fenley for the "Heritage Pie" chart idea.]
4) Tell us about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a post on Facebook or google+.

Here are the 14 I know (plus the states for the two that I do not know based on the information given by their daughter in the census).

1. Hiram Carroll Brinlee Sr., b. 25 Dec 1808, Tennessee or Kentucky, d. 28 Jul 1885 Collin County, Texas.  I am using Tennessee because that appears more often in the censuses for him (and in those for his children when they list parents' states of birth).

2. Elizabeth Ann McKinney, b. 23 Feb 1823 Kentucky, d. 23 Mar 1889 Oklahoma.

3 and 4. The parents of my great brick wall, Susan Elizabeth Smith, whoever they were. According to Lizzie Smith Brinlee’s entries on the censuses, they were born in either Tennessee or North Carolina; I am choosing North Carolina because it appeared on two censuses and Tennessee appeared on only one.

5. Joseph Madison Carroll Norman, b. 8 Jun 1833, Alabama, d. 1 Apr 1901, Arkansas. Married 4 Dec 1851 Talladega, Alabama.

6. Rebecca Monk, b. 1837, Alabama, d. bef 1864 Alabama

7. William T. Sisson, b. ca 1826, Georgia, d. 12 Feb 1894, Alabama. Married 13 Jun 1851, Talladega, Alabama.

8. Jerusha Elizabeth Neeley, b. Alabama, d. bef 1858 Alabama.

9. William Spencer Moore, b. 1813, South Carolina, d. 31 Oct 1871, South Carolina

10. Emily Tarrant, b. 1813, South Carolina, d. bef 1873, South Carolina

11. Elisha Berry Lewis, b. 1813, South Carolina, d. 23 Feb 1889, South Carolina. Married 3 Feb 1835 Anderson County, South Carolina.

12. Martha Poole, b. 1815, South Carolina, d. bef 1865, South Carolina

13. George Floyd, b. 29 Sep 1807, Vermont, d. 11 Mar 1880, Texas. Married 13 Nov 1835 Greene County, Illinois.

14. Nancy Finley, b. ca 1816, Illinois, d. 5 Feb 1864, Texas

15. Absalom C. Matlock, b. 21 Mar 1825, Kentucky, d. 1865, Texas. Married 13 Aug 1846 Warren County, Kentucky.

16. Nancy Malvina Harris, b. b. 28 Apr 1827, Kentucky, d. 11 Aug 1862, Texas

Looks like I'm 87.5% Southern Mutt.


  1. But then there is Vermont? A long way to Alabama.

  2. You're right, we do have a lot of states in common. No one on mine from either Vermont or Illinois though.

  3. Joan - Vermont and Illinois come from the same branch - my great-great grandfather George Floyd went from VT to IL, where he married my great-great grandmother Nancy Finley who was born there, and from IL they went to TX! Kinda breaks the old "no moving more than two agricultural bands" rule.

    Kristin - Yeah, that VT-IL thing is kind of an aberration; as I explained to Joan above, it's just one set of gg-granparents who account for it.