Saturday, March 20, 2010

Surname Saturday: The Robert L. Nabors and Amanda Ella Sisson Family

Robert L. Nabors
b. 14 Dec 1872, Alabama
d. 21 Nov 1927, Alabama
& Amanda Ella Sisson
b. Feb 1874, Alabama
d. 1966, Talladega, Alabama
m. 20 Jan 1894, St. Clair Co., Alabama
|--Emma Nabors
|---- b. Feb 1895, Alabama
|--Maggie D. Nabors
|----b. Jan 1897, Alabama
|--Minnie V. Nabors
|----b. Dec 1898, Alabama
|--Dixie Ellen Nabors
|----b. 28 Jan 1904, Alabama
|----d. 17 Dec 1921
|--Roy L. Nabors
|----b. 28 Jan 1906, Alabama
|----d. 25 May 1974, Talladega, Talladega, Alabama
|---& Susan Holt Herring
|----b. 22 Jan 1911, Alabama
|----d. 23 Apr 2005, Talladega, Talladega, Alabama
|--Howard Nabors
|----b. 1908, Alabama
|--Cecil D. Nabors
|----b. 30 Sep 1910, Alabama
|----d. 11 Sep 1955
|--Cason E. Nabors
|----b. 22 Jul 1913, Alabama
|----d. 27 Sep 1931, Talladega, Alabama
|--Robert Edward Nabors
|----b. 22 Nov 1917, Alabama
|----d. 5 Oct 1992, Talladega, Talladega, Alabama

Amanda Ella Sisson, the daughter of William T. Sisson and Margaret Jane Lambert, was the half-sister of my great-grandmother Sarah Jane Sisson.

This is not one of the Sisson siblings who moved to Texas from Alabama, so I do not know much about them. I would like to know more about the children of this family: what happened to them, whom did they marry, etc.

I would love to share information with anyone related to/researching this family; you can contact me at my e-mail address, which can be found by going to my profile page (there is a link to that page in the About Me section to the left).

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  1. Hi! My name is Sherri Nabors, daughter of William D. Nabors, grandaughter of Robert E Nabors who is one of the sons of Amanda Ella Sisson. Please share any information you may have! Thank you!