Friday, March 19, 2010

Family and Friends Newsletter Friday 19 March 2010


Forgot to mention last week, but I heard from another cousin through my blog - this one is on the Sisson side. I love meeting new cousins!


I’m continuing, bit by bit, to input information on the gargantuan Norman family. However, to break things up a bit, during the last week I:

Posted some more tombstone photos on The Graveyard Rabbit Afield, posted same to Findagrave (it's so much fun - why didn't I do this earlier?). I'm already getting the itch to get out there and take more pictures. Spring must be coming!

Created some new Pages in Footnote.


I was so happy with the new Blogger template on Greta's Genealogy Bog that I switched templates on my other two blogs, The Graveyard Rabbit of Northern Virginia (I'm especially happy with that one) and The Graveyard Rabbit Afield.

Created a “Best Of” page for this blog (will add links soon).

I’ll try posting Follow Friday in a separate post for a while. With Follow Friday, Family and Friends Newsletter Friday, and Friend of Friends Friday, Friday is becoming very crowded. So, when I want to put a family group out there (aka “cousin bait”), I’ll go with the flow and do it for Surname Saturday.

This weekend I plan to collect all of the genealogy blogging prompts (Amy’s 52 and Lisa’s prompts for Women’s History Month, among others) in a single place for reference. I’m not able to keep up with a lot of them from day to day but there are some very good ideas there, so I’ll do some of them at my leisure (which means I may be celebrating Women’s History Month all year long – nuthin’ wrong with that!)


And one (sort of) casualty of the snow – my poor boxwood, a former beauty:


  1. Greta, beautiful flowers! Are they in your yard? My yard is bare this year, been spending too much time 'cultivating' family/ancestry than cultivating my flower bed.

  2. Yup, Mary, I just took the pictures today. They all came back, and was I happy to see them!

  3. I love your new template, too, Greta! It's great. And your Newsletter idea is fantastic! Where DO you find the time?por

  4. Oh, Judy, I don't really have any time, but I have such a good time online ... can't help myself - I just write down notes for the end of week as I go along.