Friday, March 19, 2010

Follow Friday: My Ancestors and Me

Nancy’s blog, My Ancestors and Me, is a celebration of her ancestors and relatives. She brings her ancestors to life in well-researched articles that place them in the context of their time and location. The articles are often accompanied by interesting and thoughtfully presented photographs: photographs with interesting body language and even photographs of the contents of a desk (“My Father’s Desk” and “From Inside My Father’s Desk”).

Interspersed with the portraits are “think” pieces with some intriguing subjects to mull over, such as the “Differences Between Men and Women Genealogists,” as well as good reading recommendations (“Annie’s Ghosts”).

My Ancestors and Me is written as a dialog with its readers (and sometimes, with Nancy’s ancestors as well) and is an outstanding example of how to write to pull readers in and to keep their attention, as well as how to appeal to both mind and heart.

Blogs I have started following this week:

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  1. Greta, you are so kind! Thank you for highlighting my blog in such a thoughtful way. I really appreciate it.

  2. Nancy - Happy to do it because your blog gives me so much enjoyment!