Friday, March 26, 2010

Family and Friends Newsletter Friday 26 March 2010

Tomorrow I’m going to the Fairfax Genealogical Society’s Spring Conference! Hope to report on it tomorrow night.



Pretty much covered in “The Mushroom Factor.” I have found more sources this week and there is still a lot to do!


Although I’m going to stick with Norman research for another week or two, I have resolved to get as much Lizzie Smith research into shape as I can before the FGS Conference in Knoxville in August and I’m planning to do a Google Maps project to show the locations of the top Smith family candidates.

Who Do You Think You Are

My husband and younger daughter have been watching this show with me. This is the week my husband really, really got into it (getting out the books and checking out the units that Matthew Broderick’s ancestors served in). I knew the military aspect, especially the Civil War part, would get him hooked. He’s still telling me what further battles the 20th Connecticut fought in after Matthew Broderick’s great-great grandfather died.

Other TV of Possible Interest to Geneaholics

A new program that may be of interest to people who love History Detectives, Hoarders, and Antique Road Show: American Pickers. I caught the tail end of this show when my husband and daughter were watching it. Guys go around and buy “junk” at garage and barn sales, trying to get “deals” on items that are actually worth a lot of money. Occasionally they get the bad end of the deal.

Bad News for Maine and Massachusetts Researchers

At Upfront with NGSMaine Bill May Close Vital Records and Mass. Records Closed to 1841?


In a fit of Texas and Aggie nostalgia inspired by Caroline Pointer’s post “Wordless Wednesday: Not Really Wordless” at Family Stories, I’ve added an “Aggie Joke of the Week” to the blog. I really miss those jokes.

Forgot to include an article in today’s Follow Friday:

Amy at We Tree in “I Once Was Lost But Now Am Found” relates the happy ending to her search for the “missing” graves of her great-great grandparents.


  1. I didn't know your husband was interested in Civil War units. I'm just starting to try and learn more about all that. Are there any books he could recommend for a novice researching the Civil War and various Union and Confederate units?

  2. My daughter has been watching Who Do You Think You Are with me (I think she would watch without me, she really seems interested.) Last night my husband joined us.
    I've watched American Pickers with my husband and son and it is interesting.

  3. Leah, you have just made my husband's day. He is going to write down a few books and I will send the list to you by e-mail. Depending on which states your Civil War ancestors came from, there are a lot of different series of unit histories and even a lot of good websites for different units.

  4. Harriet - Isn't it fun when we can enjoy some "reality" (history, genealogy, etc.) TV with our families? And, you never know, maybe it will help them catch the genealogy bug.