Saturday, July 11, 2009

More on the Bud Mathis Moore Family

I mentioned in my previous post that I have been in touch with several descendants of Bud Mathis Moore. They have provided a great deal of valuable information which has helped in compiling a list of the descendants of Samuel Moore. They are descendants of Bud Mathis Moore’s son William Spencer Moore, so that is the branch on which we have the most information. The state of what we know on the other branches varies from “very sketchy” to “a little bit sketchy.”

Probably the area where we have the least information is on Bud Mathis Moore’s first wife, Elizabeth Brashier (or Brasher). The Furman Moore history gives her date of death but we do not know her date of birth or who her parents were. The Moore family may have another Brashier family tie-in through Frances Emmaline Henderson, the wife of William Spencer Moore and granddaughter of Brashier Henderson (who was also a witness on Samuel Moore’s will). The Furman Moore history indicated that Bud Mathis Moore’s oldest daughter, Elizabeth, had married a James Bayne, but we could not find any record of them. However, when George Moore, my third cousin once removed, sent me a copy of a transcript of Bud Mathis Moore’s will, which mentioned a George Bain, this spelling of the name enabled me to find the family in three censuses: 1850 (Greenville, SC), 1860 (Blount County, Alabama), and 1870 (Etowah County, Alabama). That is all of the information that I have on this family.

James Bain
-b. ca 1818, South Carolina
& Elizabeth W. Moore
-b. 12 Dec 1824
|--Mary Emma Bain
|----b. 1845, South Carolina
|--Martha A. “Mattie” Bain
|----b. 1846, South Carolina
|--William Manning Bain
|----b. 1848, South Carolina
|--Richard H. Bain
|----b. 1851, South Carolina
|--George B. Bain
|----b. 1854, South Carolina

I am very interested in exchanging information with other people researching these families.


  1. Don't you just love the various ways to spell surnames! It drives me crazy. Lately, I have been putting them into the google book search engine trying to find some of my folks in older books. I rack my brain to come up with different ways to spell and often get a hit. I wish I was working on some of your surnames.

  2. Exactly! I had actually tried some other variants, but for some reason I hadn't tried Bain. This had been such a mystery; no one knew what had happened to this family - of course, I still have to find out what happened to them after 1870...