Friday, July 10, 2009

Featured Family Friday: Family of Bud Mathis Moore

Bud Mathis Moore
-b. 5 Aug 1800
-d. 7 Sep 1856, Greenville, South Carolina
& Elizabeth Brashier
-d. 29 Dec 1824, Greenville, South Carolina
-m. 20 Nov 1823
|--Elizabeth W. Moore
|----b. 12 Dec 1824
|--& James Bain

Bud Mathis Moore
-b. 5 Aug 1800
-d. 7 Sep 1856, Greenville, South Carolina
& Martha Brown Coulter
-b. 1793
-d. 11 Dec 1887
-m. 20 Nov 1826
|--Sarah Ann Moore
|----b. 27 Aug 1827
|----d. 11 Apr 1914
|--& James Moon
|--Samuel “Sammie” Alexander Moore
|----b. 21 Sep 1828
|----d. 18 May 1861
|--& Mary Ann Elizabeth “Betsy Ann” Baldwin
|----b. 7 Mar 1830
|----d. 9 Feb 1922
|--Mary E. T. Moore
|----b. 19 Oct 1829, South Carolina
|----d. 3 Feb 1877
|--& Isaac Cox
|----b. 12 Oct 1828, South Carolina
|----d. 26 Aug 1906, Greenville County, South Carolina
|--Susan Amanda Moore
|----b. 14 Feb 1832, Georgia
|----d. 9 Apr 1923
|--& Franklin Blakely
|----d. bef 1870
|----m. 2 Oct 1851
|--William Spencer Moore
|----b. 5 Jun 1834
|----d. 16 Mar 1919
|--& Frances Emmaline “Emma” Henderson
|----b. 1 Dec 1841, Simpsonville, Greenville Co., South Carolina
|----d. 15 Feb 1925
|----m. 1 Dec 1865
|--Jeanetta M. T. “Nettie” Moore
|----b. 14 Aug 1836
|----d. 20 Aug 1876
|--& William Warren Baldwin
|----b. ca 1835, South Carolina
|----d. bef 1870

It’s late on Friday night, so I am not going to write in great detail about this family tonight; I’ll have more to add tomorrow.

Bud Mathis Moore was the brother of my great-great-grandfather, William Spencer Moore (for whom Bud Mathis Moore’s son William Spencer was apparently named), so his descendants form the other main family line in my Descendants of Samuel Moore (d. 1828) of Greenville County, South Carolina project. That I know about this family and have been able to make the connection to my branch of the Moores is all thanks to Mary Newton, my fourth cousin. Through her I have also been in contact with other members of this branch of the family. She provided me with a copy of the family history written on this branch by Furman Moore, son of William Spencer Moore (the one who was B. M. Moore’s son) which is the source of much information and the starting point of my research on this family.

If you are reading this and believe that you are related to this family I would really like to hear from you (you can find my e-mail if you click on View my complete profile under the section at the left entitled “About Me”).

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