Friday, July 24, 2009

Family Newsletter Friday: 24 July 2009

This is a new feature that I hope to post regularly. It may not always be up by Friday, but I am hoping that I can get a report in sometime every weekend. I know at least a couple of cousins follow this blog from time to time, so this feature will be in the form of a Family Newsletter containing a summary of whatever family research I have done over the past week (pretty scant production in recent weeks, but still…). So that relatives who follow this blog can tell whether or not it concerns their family lines, I will post headings to indicate which general family line the research pertains to, citing first of all the last name of the grandparent to which a specific family is related: Brinlee, Moore, Norman, and Floyd (for my family), and Koehl, Greenberg, Terrana, and D’Arco (for my husband’s family). This will be followed by the specific family name where pertinent (Lewis would come under Moore, Davi would come under Terrana, and so forth).

If any of my relatives who read this are ever interested in more specific information, just let me know and I will be glad to share.


During the last week I continued to transcribe and extract information from obituaries on members of our Moore family that appeared in The Greenville News. These are mostly members of the Bud Mathis Moore line, since his side of the family stayed in Greenville. There have occasionally been obituaries for descendants of his brother and my great-great grandfather William Spencer Moore from over in Anderson County as well. This week the obituaries covered some descendants of two of Bud Mathis Moore’s daughters: Mary E. T. Moore (married Isaac Cox) and Susan Amanda Moore (married Franklin Blakely). So far I have ordered somewhere around 180 obituaries; I think (and hope) I am near the end of them, but I think I have found a few more I need to order. As I have mentioned in other articles, I find the information I need to order the obituaries at the website for the Greenville County Library System Obituary Index and send it to a wonderful local researcher who copies them and mails them to me.

Speaking of Mary Moore and Isaac Cox, that family is the subject of tonight’s Featured Family Friday (at least I hope I get it posted tonight).


I have received some e-mails from my cousin Raymond who has filled in some details on the Louis Boone Brinlee family.

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