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Smith Family Sunday: Littleton Smith of Putnam and Jackson Counties, Tennessee

This is the fourth family in Group Number 1 (best fits) of “candidate families,” who could be the families of my great-grandmother Susan Elizabeth Smith (m. 1st Bonner, m. 2nd Hiram Carroll Brinlee, Jr.).

If you are researching this family and found this blog through a search, please contact me - I would like to know more about this family and whether or not it is actually the family of my great-grandmother. Even if all you know are a few details, they might help. You can contact me at my e-mail address, which can be found by going to my profile page (there is a link to that page in the About Me section to the left).


Littleton Smith, b. ca 1820-1825 in Tennessee
Mariah, b. ca 1830 in North Carolina (Littleton was married previously to a woman named Mary whose last name may have been Bennett).


By wife Mary:

Ellander Jane, b. 4 July 1845
James C., b. ca 20 Dec 1847
Thomas, b. 11 May 1850
Ella, b. ca 1854
William Calvin, b. 1 March 1856

By wife Mariah:

Jacob Jack, b. 14 November 1859
John, b. 13 November 1861
Elizabeth, b. 15 July 1869 (this does not match the claimed month and date of birth of my great-grandmother – 4 April).

Here is the family in the 1850 through 1880 censuses:

1850 US Federal Census, District 5, Overton Co., Tennessee, 19 September 1850

Line 24 419 420

Littleton Smith 30 M Farmer $200 TN
Mary 29 F Ala.
Nelly J. 15 F TN
James 2 M TN
Thomas 4/12 M TN

1860 US Federal Census, Double Springs, District No. 7, Putnam Co., Tennessee, p. 99, 17 July1860

Line 9 658 658

Littleton Smith 45 M Farmer $200 TN Over 20 cannot read or write
Mariah 30 F NC
James C. 11 M TN
Thos. 9 M TN
Ella 6 M [sic] TN
William C. 4 M TN
Jacob 5/12 M TN

1870 US Federal Census, Gainesboro, District No. 10, Jackson County, Tennessee, p. 2, August 1870

Line 1 7 7

Smith, Littleton 53 M W Farmer $100 $300 TN Cannot read or write
Mariah 37 F W Keeping house TN Cannot write
Jack 12 M W TN Cannot read or write
John 7 M W TN Cannot read or write
Elizabeth 1 F W TN Cannot read or write

1880 US Federal Census, Tenth Civil District, Jackson County, Tennessee, ED 56, p. 13, 8 June 1880

Line 16 3 3

Smith, Littleton W M 65 Married Farmer Cannot read or write TN TN TN
Mariah W F 55 Wife Married Keeping house Cannot write NC NC NC
Jack W M 20 Son Single Farming TN TN NC
John W M 18 Son Single Farming TN TN NC
Elisabeth W F 10 Daughter Single TN TN NC

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