Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In Knoxville

I am reporting tonight as a booster for Tennessee tourism. Seriously, the people in Tennessee have been so nice, from the waitress who offered to fill up our car mugs with iced tea “for the road” – but unfortunately we didn’t bring any car mugs, so we couldn’t take her up on her offer – to the people at the East Tennessee History Center, who let my husband into the exhibits for free today when I tried to pay for him because he is not attending the FGS conference, and all the people we have talked to on the streets of Knoxville, in the stores, and in the hotel and Convention Center. It’s a good thing our daughters are not little and are not with us, because we have done a lot of that thing that they used to hate so much – stop and talk to people.

History Husband is in Hog’s Heaven; he enjoyed the East Tennessee History Center and got a 60% discount on the books he bought in the gift store and was able to order one of his favorite beers at the restaurant where we ate tonight. Tomorrow I may go back to the East Tennessee History Center and get some pointers on researching my brick wall (I brought my Smith binder with me, just in case).

Below are some pictures taken in Knoxville.

This landmark makes it easy to find our way back to the hotel from anywhere in Knoxville.

This is the view from our hotel window (the eyes are painted on the front of the Knoxville Museum of Art); however, I took this from the Convention Center side, and when we look out our window, the eyes are actually looking straight at us. Just a little bit creepy.

East Tennessee History Center

Views in downtown Knoxville

Two scenes from Market Square

A T-shirt in Mast General Store


  1. I haven't been to Knoxville in 16 years, and I soooo wish I was there with you now! I do remember the people of east Tennessee being very friendly; the waitresses always asked if we wanted grits with our orders... being a Cali girl, I didn't even know what grits were (I do now, because my southern husband loves 'em)!

    Have a wonderful time at FGS, and thanks for sharing these images!

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth! I wish you were here, too. Yeah, I was surprised at how grits are on every menu. After living most of my younger years in California, I was also amazed at southern eats - in Texas, it was the chicken fried steak.

  3. So glad you are enjoying your stay in our Great state of Tennessee! Hope you don't get too much rain in Knoxville! Grits are on the menu most places but not all southern people eat grits. I can't remember the last time I ate grits.

  4. Hi, Greta! Can't wait to see you in Knoxville! I'm still in NC at the present, but will be getting on the road shortly. I hope to be there by 5 PM today. I'm going to the Meetup tomorrow morning.

  5. Harriet - I like grits a lot, but I haven't eaten them yet here since I'm enjoying so much other food!

    Jennifer - Hope you make it here OK; I'll head toward the meetup, too.

    Linda - We must be close by to one another!

  6. Well, I finally made it about 6:15. I don't have such a cool view, but that's because I told them I wanted the quieter side of the hotel, which faces away from downtown. That ride through the mountains was a little scary, but very beautiful. Got to see the smoke coming off the Smokies.

  7. Great T-shirt. I saw several like it at the bluegrass festival I attended last weekend. East Tennessee is one of my favorite areas, and I hope you have a great time in Knoxville

  8. Jennifer - I am missing Tennessee already.

    GrannyPam - Knoxville was great and the people are wonderful!