Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Irene, Lillian, and Madeline Moore

Lora Irene Moore (Rainwater), Lillian Mozelle Moore (Ford), and Grace Madeline Moore (Brinlee).

Based on the ages shown at the bottom, this picture was taken in 1929.


  1. Love the pic! You're very lucky that their ages were written on there.


  2. What a wonderful picture. It caught my eye because I have a granddaughter named Madelyn Moore. Also have one whose middle name is Grace. I have so many old photos with that same border---I love the old pictures!

  3. Caroline - My mother did not write on many of her photos (and unfortunately appears not to have written on any of the ones that I cannot identify), so this is one of the few. Based on appearances, I can use this one to date other photos, too.

    Becky - There are so many photos in my mother's albums with that border. There are a couple of other motifs that recur a lot as well. I think Mom must have done what I used to do - take pictures and develop them in big batches.

  4. Lora Irene Moore Rainwater was my paternal grandmother.

  5. Hi Misti - I am the daughter of Mandy (Grace Madeline) Moore; your dad and I are first cousins (which makes you and me first cousins once removed).