Friday, November 20, 2009

Family Newsletter Friday: 7-20 November 2009


Returned to working on the enormous Joseph Madison Carroll Norman family. I had been working on some of the children when I got in touch with other Norman researchers and was given a copy of the Inez Cline history. My approach is to be back to square one (i.e., the first child with known descendants, Leatha Norman) and use the Cline history plus my other resources.

Data Backup Day (November 1)

Something I forgot to include in a previous post – How I Spent Data Backup Day (and did this before I realized it was the first of the month, Data Backup Day):

1. Cleaned out e-mail folders.
2. Cleaned out photo files – all photos that had not been added to iPhoto were added and the folders were then cleaned out.
3. Discarded various old files that are no longer needed.
4. Backed up blogs.
5. Backed up Reunion files to USB and LaCie disk.
6. Backed up “Genealogy” folder to USB and LaCie disk.
7. Backed up photos in iPhoto to USB and LaCie disk.

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