Friday, November 27, 2009

Family Newsletter Friday: 27 November 2009


Norman research has been interesting this week, and it has actually been a fairly productive week, the holiday notwithstanding. I have reached the part of the Inez Cline history where there are more gaps, but I can fill in some of these gaps.

Found Thomas Wiley Huff (finally) in the 1920 census; Ancestry family trees do not cite this census – he’s sort of hidden. He is bunched together with several of his children in Baylor County, Texas (my own home town – this is through my moms’ family, but the Normans are from my dad’s side): Thomas Joseph, Benjamin Wylie, and William Franklin’s widow Emerit Thurman Huff are all there together with their families. (I was able to use the Salt Pork to Sirloin: History of Baylor County books to help research this family.)

What I’m really enjoying is working with Texas Death Certificates (from Family Search Record Search) again – they contain so much information. Luther M. Huff appears to have been born the day after his father (William Franklin Huff) died of pneumonia and smallpox. Charlie Wylie Huff, son of Thomas Joseph Huff and Myrtle May Carter, died of tuberculosis in 1935 at the age of 28.

Some of these Norman families are in Texas – lots of information; some in California – quite a bit of information; some in Oklahoma – not so much. I wish there were more resources for Oklahoma; there are also a lot of Brinlees there.


Found out this week that Vickie Everhart of BeNotForgot and I are related! We are something like 8th cousins, with Christopher Clark, son of Sallie Ann Moorman and Micajah Clark, as our common ancestor.

Many thanks to TCasteel at Tangled Trees for the tip on the 50% savings on Footnote subscriptions for Black Friday! I took advantage and have finally subscribed!

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