Saturday, May 21, 2011

Surname Saturday: Family of Robert Brown Sims and Margaret Leek Brinlee

Robert Brown Sims
----b. 18 Nov 1825, Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi
----d. 5 Jul 1889, Stony Point, Collin County, Texas
& Margaret Leek Brinlee
----b. 12 Feb 1834, Red River County, Texas
----d. 4 Dec 1910, Vineyard, Jack County, Texas
----m. 15 Sep 1856, Collin County, Texas
|--Houston Sims
|----b. 25 Feb 1858, Stony Point, Collin County, Texas
|----d. 7 Oct 1859, Stony Point, Collin County, Texas
|--John Sims
|----b. 12 Nov 1859, Collin County Texas
|----d. 11 Feb 1937, Thalia, Foard County, Texas
|---& Samuel Rebecca Hendricks
|----b. 14 Nov 1861, Stony Point, Collin County, Texas
|----d. 13 Jun 1944, Thalia, Foard County, Texas
|----m. 18 Nov 1880, Merkle, Taylor County, Texas
|--Robert Brown Sims Jr.
|----b. 6 Apr 1862, Texas
|----d. 1 Jan 1948, Cooke County, Texas
|---& Lenora Ella Howser
|----b. 6 Mar 1870, Missouri
|----d. 18 Jan 1971, Golden Acres Nursing Home, Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas
|----m. 15 Nov 1894
|--Mary Ann Sims
|----b. 19 Aug 1863, Collin County, Texas
|----d. 24 Mar 1900, Pauls Valley, Garvin County, Oklahoma
|---& James Edward Brinlee
|----b. 3 Apr 1864, Collin County, Texas
|----d. 11 Feb 1908, Pauls Valley, OK
|----m. 21 Oct 1884, McKinney, Collin County, Texas
|--Laura Jane Sims
|----b. 28 Jul 1865, Stony Point, Collin County, Texas
|----d. 5 Jun 1944, Anna, Collin County, Texas
|---& Thomas Holmes “Tommy Homer” Stephens
|----b. Jan 1867, Texas
|----d. Oct 1906, Indianola, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma
|----m. 22 Aug 1888
|--George Sims
|----b. 27 Jan 1867, Stony Point, Collin County, Texas
|--Benjamin Sims
|----b. 1 Jul 1874, Stony Point, Collin County, Texas
|----d. 28 Jan 1944, Vineyard, Jack County, Texas
|---& Mary Jane Thetford
|----b. 7 Aug 1880, Texas
|----d. 21 Jan 1949, Jack County, Texas
|----m. 11 Feb 1906

This is the family of Robert Brown Sims, son of Robert Sims and Nancy Nichols, and Margaret Leek Brinlee, daughter of Hiram Carroll Brinlee Sr. and Elizabeth Ann McKinney.

Daughter Mary Ann married her first cousin James Edward Brinlee, who was the son of my great-grandfather Hiram Carroll Brinlee Jr. and his first wife, Diza Caroline Boone.

Son George is a bit of a mystery. The story goes that when he was about 18 to 20 years old, he left on horseback with a couple of other men. The other men returned after a few days with his horse and saddle but without him. They claimed that they had bought the horse and saddle from him but did not know where he went. He was never seen by his family again.

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