Friday, May 27, 2011

Follow Friday Newsletter: 27 May 2011

I will start this post off with an apology. In one of my NGS Conference posts I asked a question, then left the people who posted their answers hanging without the correct answer.

The question? “What crop accounted for more than half of the South’s agricultural output in the 1850s?”

The answer: Corn. (The reason - the lucrative livestock industry.)

This Week in Genea-Blogging:

Two for Salt Lake City

Becky Wiseman of kinnexions and Carol of Reflections from the Fence are having one of those ideal genea-experiences: researching in Salt Lake City and getting to share it with a kindred spirit! And check out Carol's method for refiling film at the FHL in "The Easy Way to Refile Film, Salt Lake City."

And now four genea-bloggers have met up: Becky found Cheri Hopkins and Ruby Coleman - the You Go Genealogy Girls - at the Family History Library! See "What a Delight They Are!"

And speaking of “two”

I love it when great genea-minds team up - and we have another Dynamic Duo in our midst: Laura from It’s All Relative and Jenny Lanctot from Are My Roots Showing? Wishing you ladies great success in your endeavors. I’ve thought of doing this myself, but I know that I am at a point of really low self-discipline and wouldn’t want to “bring the team down.”

Thanks for the reminder!

An announcement was made during NGS Charleston that some major South Carolina collections (South Carolina Probate Records, Files and Loose Papers, 1732-1964 and South Carolina Probate Records, Bound Volumes, 1671-1977), but I had not gotten around to looking at them until I saw Marilyn Reed Thompson’s post “Digitized Treasures” at Samuel and Mary Clark Reed of Barnwell. She is correct in her assessment that this is really big - from just casual browsing I have found files of a couple of “allied families” to my Moores, including mentions of my ggg-grandfther Samuel Moore. Thanks, Marilyn!

One of those resources you must never overlook...

Findagrave. Susan Petersen at Long Lost reminds us, “Are You Making Full Use of Findagrave?” Information and photos are continuously being added to the site, so unless you check regularly, you may miss something!

What is family?

Christopher Shaw raises some interesting questions at Diggin’ for Family about covering the lines of adoptive parents in our research in “Blood is not Always Thicker when it comes to Family.”

Why digitized and micofilmed records are not enough

is discussed by Michael Hait at Planting the Seeds in “Are my sources original? Who cares?” This week Michael also continues his series on source citations with “Source Citations: Why Form Matters, part two” and “Source Citations: Why Form Matters, part three.” He begins with a review of recent blog posts on the subject and discusses the points raised in these posts.

Amy Coffin asks

“Should I Join My Local Genealogy Society?” at We Tree. Check out the reasons for her positive answer.

She takes genealogy seriously - very seriously

Do check out Katie O.’s post on “When a Family History Nerd Gets Married: The Bachelorette Party” at You Are Where You Came From. There’s definitely hope for the younger generation.

Having a little bit of conference withdrawal?

Check out Cheri Daniels’ slide show of the NGS Conference in Charleston in “Sun, Surf, and Surnames” at Journeys Past.

This week I started following these blogs:

Reflections on Genealogy

Claiming Kin

Diggin’ for Family

Forget-Me-Not Ancestry

Green Eyed Look-a-Like

Jottings, Journeys and Genealogy

Onward to our Past

Search Tip of the Day

The Heritage Files

Theories of Relativity

The Genealogy Geeks

My Research Week

This has been another great week for genea-angels and angels of other types. First, Jay Odom sent me information on a mystery relative. I continued to exchange Norman information and photographs with my cousin Rebecca. And a wonderful (but anonymous) genea-angel did a lookup and copied some information for me (thank you!).

Please don’t let anything happen for a while to cloud up my rose-colored glasses.


  1. Corn? Hmm. And yet, what was growing on my in-law's VA plantations then? Corn. I should have remembered that.

    Great job, as usual, Greta. Loved the Hoya link!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my post about Find a Grave!

  3. Thanks for the shout out, and yes, the bloggers are having a grand time in SLC. The 4 gals also showed up on Reflections this AM! LOL

    Wish you were here!

  4. Greta, you are one of MY genea-angels! Finally I put up a post about it. Thanks ever so.
    - Brenda

  5. Thanks for the mention and the well wishes, Greta ... low self-discipline or not, we'd love to have you. That's what The Team is for!

  6. Katie - You are welcome; glad to do it!

    Susan - Yeah, I was totally surprised, too!

    Susan - You are most welcome!

    Carol - Just saw the pic! What a team!

    Brenda - You are so sweet to say so - but it was really an easy thing to do, and I am always happy to give language help!

    Jenny - When some of my work commitments ease up a bit, I may very well take you up on that.

  7. Thanks for the mention, Greta. You're list is always full of good reads. I look forward to it every week!

  8. Thanks for the mention Greta - I second Jenny's invite. When you're ready give us a holler. GO TEAM!