Saturday, May 21, 2011

Conference Swag

In the vendors' hall at the National Genealogical Society Conference in Charleston, South Carolina, in addition to lots of great freebies, there were some excellent items for purchase among the many book and tech vendors. I tried to be a good genie and not buy too many things; in this I was successful ... until near the end of the Conference. Below are some of the items I brought back:

Abstract of Deeds: Greenville County, SC, Books Q&R (1828-1835) by Dr. A. B. Pruitt

Military Bounty Land, 1776-1855 by Christine Rose

History of Old Pendleton District, South Carolina with a Genealogy of the Leading Families of the District by R. W. Simpson

Historical Sketch & Roster TX 5th Cavalry Regiment Partisan Rangers from The Confederate Regimental History Series

And on the third day I finally gave in and bought it:

In addition, I have an entire Conference bag full of: a very heavy syllabus, newsletters and other publications of various local genealogical societies and associations, fliers from various companies, various other hand-outs, and lots of tourist brochures from the Charleston and Greenville areas as well as Wilson and Greensboro, North Carolina.

Now I need to take another vacation so that I will have time to read all of these goodies!


  1. It all looks wonderful. Not sure what it says about me, but the Old Pendleton book almost made me drool....

  2. What a bunch of goodies. They will keep you occupied for many months to come. You'll have to write about your new discoveries. And the scanner, well now, I'm jealous, but you deserve it. Glad you had a nice time in Charleston, and on your vacation to Greenville.

  3. Susan - It says great things about you! I am trying to put together a "mini-library" on that part of SC.

    Barbara - Thank you! I really have to put myself on a schedule to read all of these things.

  4. Yeah! You got the Flip Pal. You won't regret it. I promise!!

    The Military Bounty Land Warrant book by Christine Rose looks very interesting.

  5. Wow! Quite a treasure chest there.