Sunday, November 21, 2010

SNGF: A Genealogical "Gratitude Check"

Randy Seaver’s instructions this week at Genea-Musings are:

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to:

1) Make a list of Genealogy-oriented people or things that you are thankful for. Any number -- 1, 10, 100, whatever.

2) Tell us about it in your own blog post, in a comment on this post, or in a Facebook comment or Note.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

My answers:

1. Interesting families to research.

2. A generous and knowledgeable History Husband who not only indulges my desire to go on genealogy-related trips and buy genealogy stuff, but also thinks up stuff on his own that would be useful to me in genealogy and buys it for me (this year it was my fabulous wand scanner).

3. Two daughters who, while not yet hooked on genealogy, don’t sniff or laugh when I talk about it; in fact, the older one nudges me to help her host mother in Saint Petersburg to find the branch of her Ukrainian family that emigrated to the United States.

4. Generous and adventurous cousins; just to name some I’ve met or reconnected with this year: Paula and Carolyn, who were my fellow adventurers in Greenville South Carolina this year; Rich and Randy, who generously provided me with scans of some amazing documents about and by our Floyd family; Eunice, Pat, and Jim, who have heroically been digging up, printing out, copying, and sending me court records; Raymond, George, Gale, and Edna, who keep me current with All Things Brinlee; and Richard Van Dyke, who is not a cousin but was a good friend to Bun and Square Brinlee and provided me with invaluable insights into these amazing gentlemen.

5. Fellow family historians and genea-bloggers who are so generous with their encouragement and information; a special shout-out to Cynthia Shenette at Heritage Zen for helping me with the Stepanishens.

6. Getting to take not just one, but two incredible genealogy-related trips this year: one to the FGS Conference in Knoxville and one to Greenville, South Carolina. I am especially thankful for the chance to finally meet some wonderful fellow genea-bloggers and also for the wonderful and helpful staff at the Greenville Public Library.

7. Families who lived in various interesting locations that I look forward to visiting.

8. The opportunity to belong to a great genealogy society, the Fairfax Genealogical Society – great members, officers, and resources, and an excellent way to get a genealogy education.

9. Living near Washington, D.C and what it has to offer genealogists: the Library of Congress, the National Archives and Records Administration, the DAR Library, and many other resources.

9. Fabulous resources on the Internet to use in genealogical research when I can’t get downtown, to a library, or go on a research trip.

10. Amazing volunteers who transcribe, enter, and post information for others to use, who engage in RAOGK, and perform other wonderful feats.

11. Knowledgeable and helpful librarians, museum docents, and others who help us in our research.

Thanks for a challenging "gratitude check" of an SNGF, Randy!

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