Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Ancestral Name List Roulette

Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has issued his latest challenge:

1) How old is one of your grandfathers now, or how old would he be if he had lived? Divide this number by 4 and round the number off to a whole number. This is your "roulette number."

2) Use your pedigree charts or your family tree genealogy software program to find the person with that number in your ancestral name list (some people call it an "ahnentafel"). Who is that person?

3) Tell us three facts about that person in your ancestral name list with the "roulette number."

4) Write about it in a blog post on your own blog, in a Facebook note or comment, or as a comment on this blog post.

5) If you do not have a person's name for your "roulette number" then spin the wheel again - pick a grandmother, or yourself, a parent, a favorite aunt or cousin, or even your children!

My maternal grandfather, Kirby Runion Moore, would be 130 years old now. Divided by four, that is 32.5. Unfortunately, numbers 32 and 33 are the parents of my great-grandfather Hiram Brinlee, Sr. - and I don't know who they are! :( (It is indicated on the 1880 census that they were both born in Virginia.)

So I tried my paternal grandfather, Lawrence Carroll Brinlee, who would be 117 years old (118 on 29 January). Divided by four, that is 29. Number 29 on my ahnentafel is my great-great grandmother Nancy E. Finley, who married George Floyd.

It’s a good thing that we only have to provide three facts, because that is about all I know:

She was born in Illinois, probably around 1816.

She died on 5 February 1864.

She is buried in Edgewood Cemetery, Lancaster, Dallas County, Texas.

Thanks, Randy.

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