Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Newsletter and Follow News: 7 January 2011

This Week in Genea-Blogging


In “Second-Hand Memories,” Nancy at My Ancestors and Me shares some perceptive reflections on the role of second-hand memories in our experience of our ancestors and their lives. A wonderful windup to the old year!

True Confessions

iPhoto is my picture application and I’m almost a total illiterate in using it. I mean, I can do some basic editing and organizing functions ... but not much else. So I was happy that Denise Olson posted “Digging into iPhoto - Photo Organization” at Moultrie Creek Gazette. Her post covers basics and more refined aspects of photo organization; I can see a new goal sneaking its way into my 2011 plan: Photo organization. Thanks, Denise! I think.

Apropos of this post, Denise Levenick at The Family Curator posts about another important but little-known feature of iPhoto in “iPhoto Library Hides Photos in Plain View.”

Tech savvy plus artistically creative

A+++ to Lucie LeBlank Consentino at Lucie’s Legacy for innovative and creative use of the Flip-Pal scanner; check out “A Quick Flip-Pal Scan” and see!

A super-helpful hint

At d kay s days, dkaysdays gives one of the most basic but most-forgotten tips for success: “Tuesday’s Tip: Practice Random Acts of Gratitude.”

The glory of footnotes

In “The #1 Thing That Impacted my Research in 2010,” Marian Pierre-Louis at Roots & Rambles writes about using footnotes from journals in location-based research.

The Flying Tigers

Jennifer Holik-Urban at Family History Research has published her first book, To Soar with the Tigers: The Life and Diary of Flying Tiger Robert Brouk. I was excited to see this news in “To Soar with the Tigers is available for purchase,” since my family tree includes a Flying Tiger (a relative by marriage; his wife was part of my Moore line), Claude Bryant “Skip” Adair, and I’ll be checking Jennifer’s book out!

Amy raises the bar

Scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, digital slide shows, and now videos as a medium to tell the family history. Check it out at Amy Coffin’w We Tree Blog in “Genealogy Videos: Family History in 3 Minutes.”

A Big Week

The 101st Carnival of Genealogy has been posted at Creative Gene!

Shades of the Departed “Out West Edition” is here!

A new blog

Check out Bill West’s new blog, The Old Colony Graveyard Rabbit.

Happy Second Blogoversary to Linda Hughes Hiser at Flipside!

Happy Third Blogoversary to Donna Pointkouski at What’s Past Is Prologue!

For more suggested genealogy reading, check out Around the Blogosphere at Susan Petersen’s Long Lost and Best of the Genea-Blogs at Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings.

This week I started following these blogs:

It’s All Relative (I actually already followed this blog somehow but wasn’t on the Google followers thing)

Ancestrally Challenged

Beth’s Genealogy Blog

The Genealogy Biker

Life’s Journey

Lineage Fan

The Virtual Dime Museum

Value Meals on the Volga

My Research Week

I received a family picture from a Brinlee this cousin this week - a real New Year’s gift - thanks, Sandy. A cousin through the Brinlee line also contacted me this week - we’ll see what information we can share. And I’m back to Brinlee research. Slow but steady.

My new helper

... is my MacBook Pro. It’s so pretty. It’s shiny. I love it.


  1. Greta, thanks for the iPhoto shout out! You might find Managing iPhoto Libraries useful too. More on that coming this week.

  2. Thank you for the mention! But I really didn't raise the bar. I took the bar off to show everyone how easy it is to make a genealogy video. Really! :)

  3. Thanks for the mention, Greta. Appreciate it.

  4. MC - Will do! (And you are one of my "genealogy tech" idols - I always know that I can check back with your blog to figure out how to do something.)

    Amy - Even "show and tell" raises the bar - you lead the way by showing us how!

    Nancy - Thanks for providing so many thoughtful and thought-provoking posts!

  5. Thanks for the nod, Greta. I am following Denise Olson in the iPhoto features too. So much to learn from our tech pals.

  6. Thanks for mentioning my post! I really enjoy reading your blog, and I am thrilled that you have taken something away from mine, too!