Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: GeneaLeaks

Inspired by Travis LeMaster’s post on his TJLGenes blog on GeneaLeaks this week, Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings has issued this weeks challenge:

1) For SNGF, please answer one or more of these questions:

* What GeneaLeak do you want to expose to the world from your own research or experience? Do it!

* What GeneaLeak about your own family history research would you like exposed to help you in your genealogy pursuit?

* What GeneaLeak about genealogy websites, collection providers, genealogy software or genealogy bloggers, writers, or colleagues would you like to see exposed?

My GeneaLeak about my own family history research: In July 1872 Hiram Brinlee, Sr. was forced to sell 430 acres in Bowie County, Texas to pay plaintiff Abraham Rhine in a lawsuit. It is believed that he had to sell the land to pay debts he incurred as a result of legal fees involved in the defense of his sons David Francis Brinlee and William Hiram Brinlee, who were charged with murdering George Walters in Collin County, Texas.

The GeneaLeak I need: The parents of Susan Elizabeth Smith (Bonner) (Brinlee). Some pictures would be nice, too – you know, to get readers’ interest.

The GeneaLeak I want to see: How decisions are made on which new databases are added to and how to influence those decisions. Just sayin’….

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