Sunday, October 3, 2010

Parks Along Greenville’s Swamp Rabbit Trail

Here are some views of two of the parks on Greenville’s Swamp Rabbit Trail that were closest to our hotel.

The park in the first set of pictures has an unusual curved suspension bridge, beautiful landscaped paths, and an outdoor restaurant.

Reedy River

The only curved, cantilevered pedestrian suspension bridge in the United States

Flowers in the evening light

Landscaped path

Outdoor restaurant

The second set of pictures was taken in Linky Stone Park, a children’s park partially located in an underpass where the pillars were even painted to make the area beautiful. Many of the areas have themes taken from children’s literature.

The Three Bears

Winnie the Pooh

Peter Rabbit

Scenes from The Secret Garden

Painted pillars and alphabet garden


  1. Wonderful pics, Greta! Some of my BRUTON & LANGFORD ancestors lived in Greenville SC in the early 1800s. I'm hoping to visit Greenville next year when we do a cross-country trip (and do some research of course!).

  2. Charming. Totally enjoyable.

  3. Tipper, Betty, and Carol - Thanks for stopping by! We had so much fun in these places - Betty, I really hope you get to visit Greenville. It's lots of fun and a great place to do research.