Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Newsletter: 10 October 2010

Ever since we returned from Greenville, it has been difficult to settle down and concentrate on one thing in genealogy. Now it’s time to get very serious about focusing and actually accomplishing something. And with all the different family projects vying for my attention (Brinlee, Smith, Moore, and Floyd), I have to make a list of priorities and stick to it.

On top of all of the information from my trip and new-found cousins, while the sale was on ($55 for a year’s subscription) I subscribed to Genealogy Bank, so I definitely want to take advantage of that resource. Actually, it’s just about the only genealogy that got done this week. Even though I previously subscribed to the Dallas Morning News Archives, I hit the 700-download limit without exhausting their resources as far as research is concerned. Genealogy Bank’s different options for tailoring searches have already yielded some new items for that paper.

1. Floyd

I am going to organize the material sent to me by my newly discovered Floyd cousins and transcribe the letters. This is the easiest task to handle, so it gets done first.

2. Smith

I did not finish the project for mapping Smith families in categories 1 and 2 and entering them into a worksheet before I left for Knoxville, so this needs to be completed.

3. Brinlee

This is the last family for which I need to systematize the information I have at the great-great grandparent level and enter it into my genealogy program. I started before the Greenville trip and want to complete this phase of my genealogy research.

4. Moore

Although the logical thing to do first would be to process all the material and information I gained from the trip to Greenville, there is just so much of it that I am going to leave it for a while until I get the first two items on the list done, then go through it gradually, interspersing it with other research. Printouts from microfilm and handwritten notes have been filed in a separate file box, and the images I made from some books on my wand scanner have been uploaded into iPhoto.

5. Lewis, Tarrant, and other families associated with the Moores

There is also a lot of material on these families in the Greenville stuff; proceed same as for item 4.

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