Friday, September 24, 2010

Follow Friday: 24 September 2010

This Week

Kerry Scott at Clue Wagon cracks me up. Consistently. This week she did it again with “Confession: I Hired a Genealogy Psychic.” And the second half – “Was The Genealogy Psychic Worth It? You Be the Judge” – is just as funny. Can we get a T-shirt series: “Well I consulted a Ouija Board!”

James Tanner brings a note of reality to paranoia about identity theft in “Don’t ever put personal information online? What?” at Genealogy’s Star. While we should be very careful in posting information online, we probably take a greater risk each time we use our credit cards.

At Olive Tree Genealogy Blog, Lorine McGinnis Shulze has a great idea for those of us (and I’m thinking this is probably quite a few of us) who find that genealogical research on their own family is being pushed aside by other things in “A Month Without Genealogy is Like a Day Without Sunshine.”

For Wisdom Wednesday, Sassy Jane says at Sassy Jane Genealogy says: “Hire A Translator.” I couldn’t agree more!

Susan Petersen at Long Lost Relatives asks “Why Do Singles Do Genealogy?” It is an intriguing question and the comments contain some interesting answers.

Happy Fifth Blogoversary to Renee Zamora at Renee’s Genealogy Blog!

Happy Blogoversary to Becky Jamison at Grace and Glory! And don’t miss her beautiful post on “My Second Blogoversary Dedicated to My Son.”

And finally, I have no words to describe how Thomas Macentee’s eloquent “My Visit with Mom” at Destination: Austin Family touched me. Important words for all those who have suffered losses and are facing those losses.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out to Long Lost Relatives! I appreciate being included in your weekly list.

  2. Thank you for the mention! I told my husband I need to get myself to a big conference next year...if only so I have a place to wear the t-shirts I plan to make!

  3. Thanks for following Threading Needles in a Haystack and mentioning it to your readers! I'm enjoying becoming a part of such an interesting and friendly genealogy blog circle!

  4. Thanks for stopping by susan, Kerry, and Mary Ellen. And Mary Ellen - the Genea-Bloggers are a great group - you'll have a great time!